I've Given Up on Bras, But This Is the One Style I Still Like Wearing

You know that 2020 has been a weird year when you're writing an article about how you've "given up on bras." Yep, thanks to my new hermit-like status, I've finally escaped the tyranny of underwiring, and I can't say I have any inclination to return to its restrictive embrace. While the temptation to forgo bras altogether is very tempting, I've not quite succumbed to that level of fashion lethargy, however, I've recently come across a compromise that fulfils all my comfy WFH needs: Hello, bralette, my old friend.

Best bralettes



For full transparency, I haven't worn an underwired bra for many years (and yes, I do concede that this is a privilege that comes with being small in the bust area), but previously, my go-to has been lacy triangle styles from the likes of & Other Stories and COS. While I still love these delicate offerings, it was a 2-pack of sporty, Calvin Klein bralettes that opened up new realms of comfort.

Soft, flattering, comfortable and easy to throw-on, the bralette has been a real game-changer in the lingerie department. It certainly helps that '90s fashion is having a renaissance this year (think of Kate Moss in those iconic Calvin Klein campaigns), particularly among Gen Z shoppers, so there's plenty to choose from both high street and high-end designers. Goodbye, Ann Summers, farewell Victoria's Secret. For 2020, I'm hailing the return of comfortable underwear, which not only looks good but also feels good. This year, I'm channelling Bridget Jones because big underwear is back, and I couldn't be happier. Scroll down to see and shop my edit of the best comfy bralettes to buy in 2020. 

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