If You're a Jacket Person, You'll Love These 5 New Blazer Trends

Whether you're a minimalist or maximalist, a print lover or someone who strictly sticks to monochrome, it's fairly likely that you'll have at least one blazer in your wardrobe. Previously associated with uniforms and officewear, this fashion icon has made its way through a variety of iterations over the last 70 years yet has always managed to imbue the wearer with a polish and confidence that only tailoring can offer. 

Over the last 12 months, the blazer has become a key player in the fashion girl's capsule, playing into the demand for all things minimalist. The most popular styles have been oversize, with traditionally masculine fits and neutral colourways. They've become a go-to for elevating casual staples, such as jeans and white tees. Unlike many pieces that fall into either the basic or trend category, the blazer is one of those rare buys that tick both boxes.

So what should we expect for 2020? From classic beige and heritage tweed to leather finishes and belted fits, scroll down to find out which blazer trends will be spiking this year.

Wool-Blend Blazers

Style Notes: They might look like your run-of-the-mill blazers, but these babies come with a much thicker, almost felt-feel fabric, giving a weightier appearance than your average jacket. & Other Stories stocks our favourite style right now—shop below. 

Beige Blazers

Style Notes: Once a colour avoided by the masses, beige has quickly become the neutral hue to be seen in. A beige blazer is an ideal entry point and will pair nicely with your fave pair of jeans. Try sizing up for a more high-end finish. 

Style Notes: The Upper East Side matriarch is having her moment in the spotlight thanks to the return of heritage fabrics, such as tweed. You can stick with browns for a more classic look, but we love the effect of paintbox brights, as seen on Blanco Miró.

Leather Blazers

Style Notes: Probably one of the more unexpected additions to the 2020 lineup has to be the leather blazer. First making its presence felt last year, this high-impact trend is set to hit the mainstream in 2020 via '90s-inspired styles from the likes of Arket and Nanushka. 

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