The #1 Coat No Self-Respecting Fashion Girl Should Be Without

We've said it before and we'll say it again: While we're very much here for just about every trend the fashion ether can throw at us, nothing beats a wardrobe classic that can stand the test of time. Pieces such as grey jumpers, blue jeans, cream blouses, leather loafers, and top-handle bags are, essentially, the building blocks for every chic look you'll ever wear. So versatile are they that you could pair them with just about anything and they're guaranteed to go with. And the item we're here to talk about today is certainly no exception. 

Boring it may sound but, in our opinion, the black wool coat is a garment all too often overlooked. When you think about it, however, it makes every other coat pale in comparison.

Best Black Wool Coats: @monikh wears a black wool coat from Saks Potts



It's a fact—black clothing always looks expensive and sophisticated while the woollen fabric is basically guaranteed to keep you cosy, even in the chilliest depths of winter. And, like the aforementioned wardrobe staples, it'll go with every single ensemble you dare layer it over. 

This season, it seems designers and brands agree that the black wool coat is well overdue our attention—everyone from Arket to Acne has given the coat its own spin, to very stylish avail. Keep scrolling to see our edit of the best black wool coats on offer right now. Invest in one, and you won't know how you ever got dressed without it.