The #1 Thing You Should Spend On in Your 30s

A leather jacket has been a wardrobe staple of ours forever and is the most versatile piece we own. Whether teamed with denim and a tee, over a slip dress, layered with knits in winter or casually draped over a cute dress in summer, a great biker jacket will give your look an instant edge—working for casual daytime dressing as well as it does for evening.

We’ve ended up buying quite a few over the years in search of the perfect one, and we have now both invested in our dream leathers. Since we reached our 30s and realised just how much we wear them, we thought it made sense to spend on one that will last—this is the one piece that’s worth investing in.

Leather looks better with age, so potentially you can still be wearing yours in years to come. We love the idea of still wearing our current favourites in 20 years’ time—rocking a vintage number from our 30s when we’re in our 50s or 60s is a pretty cool idea, no?

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a leather jacket—they are a significant investment—but if you buy well, it can last you for years. Read on to get our top tips.