I'm Convinced That Wearing This Jumper Will Make You Look Richer

The humble beige jumper is such an unassuming article of clothing, but that’s the key to its power. Yes, it’s just a jumper, and yes, it’s just a colour, but put them together and you’ve got yourself a garment that will make you look super rich. And there’s a good theory why this is the pullover that will make all your outfits appear expensive.

Ultimately, this light hue is not easy to keep clean. In pristine condition, it will give off the illusion that you get your items dry-cleaned and have the finances to do so regularly. It also implies that you have reached such a high level of adulting that you’re able to not only keep it looking brand-new but you’re elegant enough to no longer drop food down your front.

Put another way? It’s the kind of item of clothing that the über-polished Olivia Pope would wear. (And you know she has a wardrobe full of beige and cream items, yet she has the skills to never spill a single drop of red wine.)

Best beige jumpers: street style at fashion week


Style Stalker

In terms of what you’ll want to wear with it, there are so many options. My favourite way, however, is to pair it with a texture that makes it really stand out. Faux-leather trousers would be my go-to way to style it. Add a gold necklace and it’s a super-rich look achieved without spending too much money. (Then again, I’m also a sucker for the jeans-and-jumper combo with ankle boots.) However you wear it, it’s a guaranteed way to keep your look polished but minimal. To help you do this, I’ve hunted down 21 beige jumpers. There are, of course, plenty of designer options, but then there are high-street versions that look just as expensive. Keep scrolling to see my edit.

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