19 Beauty Boxes That Are Genuinely Great Value for Money

Though this year, we were forced to put our social lives on pause. Though, it seems our love for beauty and skincare never wavered. Who could predict Zoom makeup would become a thing? And let’s face it, now more than ever feels like a time to treat yourself to products that make you feel a little more like pre-2020 you. As I tell myself, it’s self-care.

Beauty boxes are a great way to experiment with new products at home (and when working from home). It also feels like Christmas when they arrive in the post. In the age of "makeup haul" videos and social media makeup stars, beauty boxes are a clear response to our evergrowing desire to get *really* good at makeup and even better at understanding what works on our skin and hair. While you can, of course, buy them for yourself, they also make exceptionally great Christmas presents. 



So which to buy? Some cater to those who are more sustainability focused, while others are topped up with the most premium skincare available on the market. It’s worth remembering that beauty boxes can offer you a saving (well, kinda). The best boxes offer full-sized products at a fraction of the price. So, by effectively buying bulk, you get a sweet deal. Well, that’s what I like to tell myself. Keep scrolling to see all the ones we rate. 

Next up, The biggest beauty advent calendars of 2020. 

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