I'd Wear Any of These 21 Dreamy Dresses to a Beach Wedding

As a wedding guest, is there anything more glamorous than attending a beach wedding? From my own personal experience of being at some friends' Greek-island nuptials a few years ago, I can tell you that it's basically the best. Watching the sun go down as you get to see two people swap vows is better than if Meryl Streep were to pop up and start singing "Mamma Mia."

If you've been lucky enough to be invited to such an event, then there are a few rules I'd always stick by when it comes to dressing. Firstly, make sure you have a pair of shoes that you won't mind getting a bit of sand on and that you'll still want to wear if there's a change in location. Secondly, ensure you've got a hat if it's still sunny⁠ because getting a sunburn during the vows is less than ideal. Finally, make sure whatever dress you've chosen is going to keep you cool, as you don't want to perspire the whole way through the ceremony.

While most couples who've invited you over to their wedding aren't going to have the actual event during midday (it's usually a late afternoon, maybe even an evening affair depending on how warm the location is), it's still worth bearing in mind that you'll want something that means you won't bee too warm. Whether that's a minidress with puffed sleeves, a flowing dress that keeps you covered but still allows the air to circulate, or even just a simple slip dress, I've hunted down 21 of the best beach wedding guest dresses that I'd genuinely wear. Keep scrolling for the edit.

I've been looking at this dress for sometime now and can't believe how expensive it looks. Pair with espadrilles and a jumper for a weekend summer look at home. 

Sleeveless dresses are your friends when it comes to beach weddings. 

As part of Net-a-porter's sustainable fashion edit, this Maggie Marilyn dress is loved by our shopping editor, Joy Montgomery. 

How to wear a slip dress without feeling too exposed. 

Another big hit from Warehouse. While it will completely cover you, the exposed back will keep you more than cool. 

This is the new, more grown-up silhouette from Réalisation. 

The low back and front will ensure your skin is perfectly shown off. 

If you're going to wear black for warm weather, ensure it's a flowing dress and off-the-shoulder for maximum comfort. 

Sassiness incoming from Zara. Now all you need is that invite to a Miami wedding. 

Another brilliant "high street but looks expensive" dress. 

The ruffles are super flattering and the polka dots are bang on trend. 

Super-gorgeous tiered goodness from Self-Portrait. 

There's a lot of green around right now, but with dresses as good as this, it's hard to resist.

One of our favourite brands right now. 

I can see this working with gold accessories. 

When can you break the cleavage rule⁠? For a beach wedding. 

Want to wear a mini but also want to keep arms covered? We've found the ideal compromise. 

A soft, flowing hem and balloon sleeves but with still a bit of structuring in the waist makes this a great option from ASOS.

If you look really closely, you'll see that this dress also has a cutout in the middle. 

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