6 Ways I Make My Nightly Bath Even More Blissful

Whenever I tell someone that I didn't have a shower in my house until I was in my late teens, they're always incredibly shocked. What can I say? Both my mum and I loved baths, so we never really felt the need to reconfigure our entire (relatively small) bathroom to fit an unsightly cubical. As far as I was concerned, showers were an oddity. That was until I started working and the shower my mum had finally permitted my stepdad to install came in especially handy when I was running late (which, admittedly, was just about every day). 

Best Bath Products: Amy Juliette Lefévre enjoys a soak in her tub



Now that I have a bathroom all my own—with a shower and everything—I still prefer to soak than stand. I have a bath almost every night, particularly in the winter months. A bath is a perfect way to unwind after a stressful or busy day or to warm yourself from the colder temperatures. Having spent so much of my time soaking in a bath, you could say I'm a bit of an expert at drawing them, so I thought I'd share with you the products I use to elevate my precious tub time. 

Best Bath Products: Emma Hoareau showcases a dreamy bath set-up



From nourishing oils and frothy foams to rejuvenating scrubs, elegant accoutrements, and calming reads, scroll below to discover the best bath products that'll make any soak feel significantly more luxurious. 


Everyone's favourite Jo Malone scent also comes in a gorgeous bath oil. 

This will look beautiful sitting on a bathtub caddy. 

This vitamin E oil will nourish your skin. 


A sprinkle of Ortigia salts goes a long way. 

Himalayan salt is known for its detoxing properties. 

These salts give off the most divine smell. 


This bath foam makes for a brilliant gift. 

The wooden honey dipper makes for a playful bubble bath spin. 

Use this foam in your bedtime bath and you'll have the deepest sleep. 


A budget scrub with a huge fan base. 

We love Mario Badescu's vegan beauty products, particularly this scrub. 


A very modern and stylish take on the traditional bath bomb.

Lush continues to create the best frugal bath bombs. 


Keep your hair swept back in a fabulous fashion with this silk hair wrap. 

Pour the essential oil directly onto the stones to elevate your bathroom to spa-like levels. 

The bristles on this brush strike the perfect balance between effectiveness and gentleness. 

An essential read that feels all the more poignant given the year we've had. Just beautiful. 

A loofah we won't hide away when guests come round. 

Another relaxing candle we continuously come back to. 

This book contains writings on what love means to different women.

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