The Complete Capsule: Our Definitive List of the Best Basics Money Can Buy

Behind every immaculate outfit or fabulous wardrobe, is an arsenal of reliable basics. It's all well and good having the latest it bag or trend piece, but getting dressed will always be difficult if you don't have the foundations right too. Once you find the perfect black blazer, pair of jeans or pair of ankle boots, you never need to find another one again. So it's worth putting in the time to find the best versions of these staples — when you own the perfect jumper or white shirt, there's no need for mediocre duplicates that won't ever make you feel as good. This only-go-for-the-very-best approach to shopping not only leads to a tighter wardrobe that is made to last, but also a more polished look overall. 

Together our Who What Wear editors have over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, and so we have learned first hand where are the best places to find all of these basics. And it's not just a case of spending more money on things — our list includes investment pieces by Gucci, Joseph and Burberry, but many of the items we are championing are also under £100. This list will also help you to identify the gaps in your own wardrobe — as we believe that these 33 items make up the complete capsule.