Every Fashion Expert Is Buying a Pair of These Non–Skinny Jeans

I want to start this by saying that just because there's plenty of evidence to suggest that no one is really wearing skinny jeans right now, that doesn't mean you have to get rid of them entirely. Fashion is fickle but it loves nostalgia and resurrecting trends, so it's very likely that at some point in the not-too-distant future, drainpipes will once again be à la mode.

For now, though, the hottest silhouette around is the barrel-leg jean. Now, what does that actually mean? We first had these style of jeans on our radar back in 2017 when Whistles launched its version and we saw it taking off. The Whistles signature barrel-leg jeans have a high-rise waist, loose-fitting legs and are cropped just above the ankle. I consider them akin to mom jeans but smarter. With jean trends and denim, in general, a huge trend for 2021, the brand says this product is the best selling of 2021 so far, and sales are up year on year. Quite a feat when you consider it's not been easy for retail recently. 

When I spoke to Net-a-Porter, it revealed that this type of jeans style is very much what everyone seems to be after right now. The barrel leg jeans from both Agolde and Totême are very popular right now, but they were surprised at their popularity. NAP says it "knew it would be a great trend for the season but the demand has been unexpected and we predict the trend will stay for a few seasons to come." While the Whistles intel suggests this is a lasting look, this just confirms that this isn't just a flash-in-the-pan trend that you'll be sick of wearing in a few months but one that has lasting power. With that in mind, keep scrolling to shop the best barrel-leg jeans right now. 

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2021 fashion trends to know. 

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