16 Backpacks for Chic Women

If there’s one item we’re truly grateful for being given an haute makeover it’s the rucksack. Once just the preserve of backpackers and students, you never used to be able to find a sleek, grow-up version made out of anything but nylon for love nor money. But all that’s changed. The rucksack can be luxe (see the Fendi stye in our edit below), practical (Knomo’s are designed to cushion laptops), in keeping with your signature style, and best of all—covetable.

Want a black, suitably businessy version with gold hardware? No problem. Or what about a baby pink drawstring in soft leather? We’ve got just the thing.

Great for dashing around the city, a two-strap bag has the obvious benefits of being better for your back than a single-strap tote stuffed with everything but the kitchen sink. Plus, it works well with smart trainers for a look that’s contemporary and practical.

We suggest packing a small pochette with just your essentials for easy-to-reach convenience—keys, phone, purse, etc., then leave the bulky stuff housed in the main compartment. 

Now all that’s left to do is decide on “the one.” Trust us, being hands-free never looked so good. Scroll through the gallery below for our pick of the best.