This Y2K Top Trend is Back, and It'll Make for a Nostalgic Summer

We can’t scroll for two minutes on Instagram without seeing an outfit that brings all the nostalgia feels. Y2K fashion—including everything from mini skirts to body chains and coloured sunglasses—are back, but one trend that’s huge within this revival is “nice” tops. If you remember getting a call (on your home phone) from a friend asking what you’re going to wear for a night out and replying with “just jeans and a nice top”, then this is definitely a throwback for you. If not, Y2K trends may feel super fresh for summer 2022. Either way, it’s time to appreciate the easy styling credentials these tops have. And one that’s proving more popular as the temperatures rise is backless or open-back iterations.

Be it a halter neck, a one-shoulder or a puff sleeve style just like fashion influencer Lucy Williams in her Peony co-ord (above) it doesn’t matter as long as you’re flashing your back. We know what you’re thinking, what about a bra? There are so many underwear solutions out there now that, depending on the top style, you may be able to still wear a backless bra. Even if it’s just a stick-on. If not, embrace going braless because these tops are seriously worth it. Whether you style with jeans like the good old days, tailored trousers or a matching year 2000 mini skirt, here are 21 backless tops to try out this summer.

The halter neck is another style that's making us feel nostalgic. 

No doubt you'll want to pair this with loose-fit jeans. 

You should still be able to wear a bra with this one. 

St.Agni is a cool brand to bookmark. 

Wear just like this, with white jeans and neutral heels. 

Because we all know pink is the colour of the year.

You'll want to wear this chain detail style for every night out. 

This party-at-the-back top comes in so many colours. 

You'll wear this one all year round. 

You'll be ticking off two trends in one with this one-shoulder version. 

Wear this one with high-waisted wide-leg trousers. 

This one is actually a bodysuit, but it's too pretty not to include. 

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