These Baby Skincare Products Are So Good You'll Want to Use Them Too

Considering just how potent skincare is nowadays, it’s understandable that when it comes to caring for your baby’s skin, it’s important to use baby-friendly formulas. And it’s not just strong active ingredients that baby skincare products should be without, but also potentially irritating fragrance and colour. In essence, the key to baby-friendly skincare is that it has to be incredibly gentle. 

And really, there’s no reason that your skin can’t reap the same benefits. Actually, it makes perfect sense that gentle skincare products for babies—formulated without irritating fragrance or potentially drying actives—would deliver the same nourishment for adults too. In fact, for those that have sensitive or easily irritated skin, no-fuss baby products could be your best bet.

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Hannah Almassi 

Luckily, over the past few years, baby skincare has come a very long way. Whereas previously brands took a one-formula-fits-all approach with multiuse products that they claimed could be used as a wash, bath soak and shampoo, now, the variety is much more impressive. From multipurpose skin balms to milky bath soaks that leave skin soft and supple, keep scrolling for all of the skincare products that are totally okay to share with your baby.

Formulated with natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil and jojoba oil that aim to nourish and soften, this gentle bathing milk guarantees soft, supple skin. Plus, if you're worried about irritation, it also contains calendula and chamomile extract to soothe. 

For your baby, this massage oil is a great way to soothe their skin and relax them ahead of a good night's sleep. For you, however, it's a fantastic way to offer skin some hydration while calming lavender and chamomile essential oils help to diminish stress.

Unlike other skin balms that can leave an unwanted greasy residue, this buttery formula delivers deep moisture and is great for soothing seriously dry areas. Plus, £1 of every sale is donated to Solace Women's Aid to help support women who have experienced domestic abuse. It's a wonderful product that gives back too. 

Despite the fact that this face cream is specially formulated to moisturise and soothe itching for babies, it's equally as wonderful for adults. Not only does it deliver intense hydration for dry skin, but it also contains organic white mallow and pansy to relieve your skin of irritation. 

This tear-free, natural body wash doubles up as a shampoo when used on your baby. However, thanks to the moisturising coconut and sunflower oils, it's a great option for those who find that normal shower gels strip their skin and dry them out. 

If getting your little one off to sleep in the evening is proving all too much, this moisturising cream should help. Not only does it soothe any dry skin that could be causing discomfort, but it is also formulated with a blend of lavender, linden blossom, chamomile and angelica to help them (and you) drift off. It's so good that you'll struggle not to use it on yourself. 

While baby powder might not seem like the biggest skincare necessity for us adults, there really is no better feeling that dousing your skin in a few puffs of this stuff once you've emerged from the shower or bath. Plus, it's talc-free.

Formulated to protecting babies from nappy rash, this barrier cream has a number of adult-approved uses too. Not only is it a great way to soothe extremely dry and irritated skin, but it also works wonders when applied to elbows and knees before a spray tan to avoid the tan clinging to dry patches. 

With shea butter and glycerine, this body milk for babies contains some of skincare's most nourishing ingredients. Not only does it leave skin supple and baby-soft, but it's also quickly absorbed for maximum comfort. 

Just like us, babies need to protect their lips from the elements too. Jam-packed with nourishing shea butter and tocopherol, this lip balm might be lovely for babies, but at £10 a pop, it's even more lovely for adults.

With apple seed oil and mallow blossom, this body wash is a great option for those that require moisture and relief from the side effects of dry skin. Plus, it comes with a handy konjac sponge for an ever-so-gentle exfoliation. 

The chances are you have stumbled across Childs Farm before. While it's great for babies and children, don't be fooled by its colourful baby-appropriate packaging. With skin-loving ingredients, Childs Farm products are ideal for those that suffer from eczema or other skin conditions and comes approved by dermatologists. This bath oil is formulated with soothing oat kernel oil for a luxuriously nourishing bath. 

Enriched with coconut oil, not only does this body wash make the skin feel great, but it smells wonderful too. Formulated without sulphates, parabens and dyes, it's the perfect choice for the whole family. Plus, it's vegan-friendly.

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