You'd Never Guess These Wedding Dresses Were From ASOS

There have been so many high-street brands jumping on the wedding dress bandwagon over the last few years, which is great news for any bride on a budget. However, in my experience, the designs can be a little hit-or-miss, which is less good for the fashion-conscious bride.

Best ASOS wedding dresses: Joy wearing white ASOS dress


Joy Montgomery

While trying on pieces for a recent story on ASOS's Edition line, I came across one of its bridal dresses. Honestly, I had fairly low expectations (or at least a healthy measure of scepticism that I reserve for super-affordable wedding dresses), but I was wrong. The dress came in a heavyweight fabric that hung beautifully, and with a simple and chic twisted halter neckline. Dress it up with a sleek veil or headpiece and bunch of wildflowers, and you'd never know it wasn't a designer piece. I went onto the ASOS app and realised the e-tailer had countless other designs that would satisfy even the pickiest of brides—from sequinned showstoppers to classic lace. So for any style-conscious brides-to-be on a budget out there, I would have a cheeky look on ASOS if I were you. You never know—you might just find The One. Scroll down to see and shop my ASOS bridal edit.

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