The Secret ASOS Section the Coolest Girls Are Shopping

Dressing uniquely on a high-street budget is entirely feasible. Admittedly, it's a case of being armed with a little know-how, and we're here to provide such invaluable guidance on a regular basis. One hot tip the team at Who What Wear UK is willing to (finally) reveal is this: The ASOS menswear department is a veritable shopping haven for girls who like to mix things up a little, and we have the proof. 

Clearly, au fait with raiding the boys' rails is one of the brand's insiders, Debbie Shasanya, pictured below. She constantly shops from these lines and has kindly shared a few of her favourite outfits so you can see how this mix and match approach is done by a pro. In addition, we also received intel from the e-tailer that the men's and women's design teams are merging to work on some products together, putting a definitive stamp on fashion's move towards genderless style.