I Always Find Shopping for Jeans Hard, But These Arket Pairs Fit Perfectly

The best arket jeans:



Arket is hailed as the modern-day marketplace for timeless wardrobe staples, so as you’d expect, its jeans are some of the best on the high street. Boasting a design house in Stockholm, it incorporates the Nordic concept of simplicity into its business model and design process.

With an emphasis on more eco-conscious materials and classic designs, the pieces are made with longevity in mind. Everything is mindfully curated, from the rivets to the stitching and shaping. For this reason, you’re less likely to find trend-led denim on Arket’s shop floor. You will, however, find a selection of clean-cut lines, boxy fits and heavily vintage-inspired denim.

If you’re anything like me, finding jeans can be a challenge. They may be basics, but that doesn’t mean they’re effortlessly obtained. You don’t want jeans so tight that you feel encased, but you want them to feel classic in look and hold their shape throughout years of wear. I waved goodbye to skinny jeans many moons ago and have since gravitated towards a straight-leg fit, of which Arket offers plenty.

The best arket jeans:  white jeans, T-shirt and sandals



When I’m not sourcing vintage Levi’s 501s, I look for high-quality, good-fitting jeans. On inspection, Arket jeans tick all of the boxes. The stitching is seamless, and the jeans are rigid enough to hold their shape yet formed to ensure breathability through loose-fit legs. There’s an apparent ’90s feel to the shape of Arket denim. Although vintage-inspired, ’90s denim is arguably the most timeless shape to date.

This season’s offerings are akin to last year’s with some re-released styles, such as the ecru A-line shorts. I was particularly impressed with the straight, cropped non-stretch jeans, which have a classic look and feel. Keep scrolling for some fresh offerings if your denim capsule needs updating. If the quality is anything to go by, these styles will withstand the test of time.



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These are my favourites, as they have a slightly higher percentage of elastane for more stretch in the waist.

These were so comfortable for non-stretch denim.

Deep-coloured, rigid twill pairs well with a white tee and heeled pumps.

A wide but tapered leg for an extra-slouched feel.

I've long been a fan of kick-flares for a slight thigh-skimming style.

As seen on the model, this fit looks great with heels.

Super wide—pair with a slim-fit tee for statement styling.

Paired with a boat-neck tank and heels, this can also make an evening outfit.

A loose fit always pairs well with heels for the evening.

A classic shape for summer holidays. Wear on top of a swimsuit.

The A-line shaping of these is perfect, especially for a non–shorts wearer like me.

Longer-length shorts bring a ’90s vibe to any outfit. Wear with heels and an oversized shirt.

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