Everyone on Instagram Is Raving About This High-Street Dress

Last summer I bought the most expensive-looking beige cotton dress from Arket. Anyone would have been easily fooled into thinking it was from one of the coolest contemporary brands on the market, and I was dead chuffed with my keen eye and clever purchase. I've worn it in the city to work, packed it up for multiple holidays and have it on standby even in the winter months, as you can layer it up with knee-boots and a warm coat. Basically, I was onto something and now it seems the rest of Instagram has caught up—I'm not even mad about it. 

Scandi brand Arket has filled a gap in our wardrobes that we didn't know needing filling. They create smart, flattering, top-quality clothes that subtly nod to trends but are never so slavish to them that you've ended up with a £75 blouse you'll never wear again. There's a lot we love from the store, and a lot we know our fashion friends like to specifically buy from it, but right now it's the dresses that are proving to be most favourable. Kind of like old Céline but on a far stricter budget, you'll find modest, flattering midis in simple, decent fabrics and classic cuts—aka the kind of perfect dress no other store creates at this price point. Sure, you'll still have to put down about £80-£100 for a style, but I'd rather do that than buy three £35 frocks throughout the year that cling, or crease, or just look passé once a certain print trend has passed.

Right now it's a particular ultra-chic black belted midi that everyone's raving about on Instagram—and I can see why. It's super-versatile to style to suit your personal aesthetic, but it's also universally flattering thanks to the waist-nipping D-ring belt, roomy skirt and sleeves. If you don't get it, I will. 

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