14 Serums 40-Something Celebs Always Use (But Aren't Paid To)

Carving out a skincare routine is essential, and we love to ask our friends, What are you using? (Especially if they've got healthy skin and a solid routine.) But there's another source we look to—our favourite celebrities. And rightfully so. They have access to the best of the best when it comes to caring for the skin. However, it can be tricky to discern what they're actually using and loving in the age of social media, brand deals, and celeb skincare lines. In some cases, people can be hush-hush about it, but with a little investigative digging, or paying close attention to celebs on social, you can often find out what's on their vanities

So I've taken the guesswork out and researched not just what celebs are using what but what 40-something celebrities are applying to their skin. (Because as a mid-30-something who's just four years shy of 40, I'm curious, too!) Keep reading to know the 14 of the best serums a few of our favourite celebs use.



Joanna Vargas is synonymous with skincare for famous faces. Mindy Kaling, one of Vargas's longtime clients, shared that this rejuvenating serum is one of her go-tos on Instagram. It's formulated with free radical–fighting argan oil that corrects, skin-firming neroli oil, and brightening vitamin C, so you will see brighter, suppler skin over time.

We have one more serum the multitalented actress, writer, and show creator Mindy Kaling tells Marie Clarie is her go-to: Dr. Lara Devgan Vitamin C+B+E Ferulic Serum. The vitamin-rich serum is all about smoothing dark spots and fine lines while protecting the skin from UV rays while the serum's mixed-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid hydrates.

Once touted as a favourite by Kim Kardashian, this serum-essence formulated with La Mer's signature high-potency, small-batched crystal miracle broth helps reduce lines and smooth texture no matter your skin type. 

This ultra-light serum infused with brightening vitamin C, pigment-reducing algae, and sea lily extract, is a fan-favourite among celebs such as Kourtney Kardashian (according to an interview with Rose Inc).

This luxe facial oil (that's suitable for all skin types, BTW) is formulated with 22 nutrient-rich botanicals and is beloved by many, including Tracee Ellis Ross and Gwyneth Paltrow. Elements of the toning, hydrating serum go through a 21-day process that starts with whole plants and, over three weeks, infuses highly potent nutrients into the formula.



I smooth this clinically tested, cult-favorite retinol and AHA serum—formulated with non-irritating encapsulated retinol—on my skin every other night. And we hear (well, read) Jessica Alba does too.

Anyone else enjoy watching Vogue's YouTube channel? Same! I caught beauty icon Liv Tyler's vid, and she revealed this ultra-hydrating, plumping formula made with a concentration of low- and high-weighted hyaluronic acid molecules and antioxidant-rich purslane was a part of her daily routine.

In an interview with Allure, Kristen Bell shared she uses this calming, hydrating serum infused with hyaluronic acid, cucumber, thyme, and botanical extract to help minimise redness. 

A go-to among celebs such as Kristen Bell and Jessica Alba, this clinically proven anti-ageing, anti-acne, and brightening serum also comes highly recommended by aestheticians and dermatologists, as it helps treat hyperpigmentation, redness, and acne.



Another product gem I'm adding to my cart after watching a Vogue YouTube video: Kate Hudson's choice for sun protection. This SPF 50 formula nourishes and hydrates without leaving the sticky feeling some SPFs can leave behind.


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We can't be sure if Meghan Markle still has this in her skincare lineup. However, based on past interviews, this elastin-boosting, skin barrier–protecting serum formulated with tri-peptide complex, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E was one of her tried-and-true.

This French skincare brand is one of my absolute favourites, and many of our favourite celebrities are fans too. For example, Tracee Ellis Ross shared in a Marie Clarie story she incorporates this antioxidant-rich firming, brightening, and anti-wrinkle formula as a part of her skincare routine.

Another product Tracee Ellis Ross mentioned in this Marie Claire interview was this water loss–preventing serum that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and is an excellent choice for anyone living in dry climates.


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It's been reported that Kate Middleton is a fan of this German-crafted organic gel made from plant-derived natural local anesthetic spilanthol, which many call "Botox in a bottle."

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