These Are the 23 Results-Driven Moisturisers You Need to Know

It seems that serums have stolen some of the spotlight away from moisturisers. There's always a new serum or treatment that grabs the attention of beauty fans, but when's the last time you heard someone raving about a moisturiser?

Honestly, though, if you find a high-performance moisturiser that you get on with, then your skin is in for a treat. Unfortunately, the most results-driven ones in the bunch can usually be found in anti-ageing category, a term that surely we need to move past now. But as our skin changes over the course of our lives, our product requirements also change.

Ultimately, what we're looking for here are moisturisers that actually do the job and can team up with us to work with our skin concerns. Everyone has their thing, whether that's looking for more moisture, more radiance or a bouncier and smoother texture.

Keep scrolling to find out the moisturisers you need to make space for. 

Remember that time when everyone was drinking celery juice by the litre? Well, if you can't stomach it, your face still deserves to get in on the action. Consider this your one-stop pot for bringing your skin into balance.

Just look at that price. This super skin-renewer is packed with peptides, aka the nifty ingredient that signals to your skin that it could do with producing some more collagen, and we can always do with more of that.

If your skin is feeling as thirsty as that post-run hunt for water, then look no further. This super-rich cream has antioxidants via marula oil and brightening vitamin C and enough hydration to keep your skin looking plump and deeply nourished. 

In lieu of having an on-call facialist, there's this powerhouse of a night cream. The formula contains algae extract and vitamin E for all of their free radical–busting and soothing benefits. If you want to wake up and glow on a budget, this is the jar to add to your cabinet.

Once you've gotten over the scent, then you'll be even more impressed by how your skin looks the morning after. A blend of oils and shea butter will wrap your skin up and work to refresh and revitalise. 

You can always rely on the smart folks in the L'Oréal Paris labs to deliver results, back up their claims and give you skin that will have your friends asking what treatment you've just had. Everyone's favourite moisture-boosting ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is featured in the firming and smoothing formula. 

There's a reason No7 launches create much-warranted hype: The stuff works. This moisturiser is rich without creating an oil slick on your pillows, and the die-hard fans of this product will attest to just how restorative it is for your skin. 

Honestly, it's like one whisper of the word retinol, and your skin will perk up in anticipation. But it's time for your skin to expand its vocab, as we're all about the bakuchiol right now. The plant-based retinol alternative is making waves for both its efficacy and for causing less irritation. This radiance-inducing moisturiser is the upgrade you've always needed (plus it's lilac). 

Pollution is the ultimate hater, and it really doesn't want our skin to live its brightest, dark spot–free and dewy life. But we don't have to back down thanks to this day cream that protects skin from pollutants with a blend of probiotics, niacinamide and antioxidants. 

Yes, I know. Would I rather go on holiday for £400? Absolutely. But no one likes that friend who keeps their skincare secrets to themselves. It's as dense as the crème part of a crème brûlée, and it does all kinds of magic tricks to lift, firm, nourish and protect skin. I wish I didn't love it. If your skincare budget allows, it's well worth it. For the rest of us, wish-list it.

Olay has got your back when it comes to keeping skin feeling firm and juicy. With its formula that includes peptides, this moisturiser works super hard to regenerate and restore your skin. You'll wonder why you ever cheated on Olay in the first place.

While we're all well aware that there's no such thing as hope in a jar, this moisturiser is certainly a jar that's filled to the brim with results. You won't find any filler ingredients here, as every single one deserves its place to improve the appearance of skin. From anti-inflammatory ursolic acid to a blend of nourishing results, this is serious skincare at its very best. 

You're probably over hearing about peptides, but sorry, not sorry. You need them in your life, and in this cream, in particular, they work wonders. The addition of ceramides gives your skin the moisture that you probably didn't even think was possible and evens out tone and texture. 

With exfoliating papaya enzyme, this will do all the hard work in reducing the appearance of dark spots and giving skin a brightness booster—all while you're fast asleep. 

Ease your way through skin concerns that might range from dryness to fine lines to uneven skin tone with a host of stealthy ingredients like retinol and pigmentation-reducing ellagic acid. 

Skin that's a bit sensitive to most of the heavy-hitting creams needn't feel left out, as Kiehl's have managed to formulate a complexion-refining moisturiser that's still gentle on the skin. 

Pop this next to your supplements, as this is the equivalent of a multivitamin for your face. The collagen-promoting, omega-including moisturiser leaves skin feeling as bouncy as your favourite cushion.

There's a reason this cream is a shelfie staple within the beauty crowd. It's a very quiet and humble cream on the outside, but it comes into its own once slotted into your skincare routine. Sunscreen is a must, always, and this moisturiser features broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.

You might as well prepare yourself now for all the skin compliments you're about to receive. With an admirable ingredient list, this silky cream gives you all the benefits of retinol without the need to worry about your skin getting too sensitive. 

A lightweight retinol-based cream that keeps skin feeling hydrated and plump as the antioxidant-rich formula gets to work. The efficacy (and super chic packaging) will keep you coming back, especially for this price point. 

This is basically like sending your skin to a repair shop overnight. With a blend of vitamins, essential oils and antioxidants, this night cream will have you waking up to hydrated and firmer skin.

The secret sauce for smoother skin is housed within this tub and its one that everyone goes wild for. The luxe formula garners rave reviews for its skin tightening and brightening results. 

If you've got sensitive skin but want a retinol moisturiser to work with pigmentation, fine lines and uneven skin tone, this is what you've been searching for. 

Up next, the tinted SPF formulas worth knowing.

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