Out of Hundreds of & Other Stories Dresses, These 23 Are the Best

If there's one thing we can't get enough of (which you've probably noticed), it's dresses. Whether it's day or night, a dress serves as the ultimate no-hassle outfit solution that always looks like you put in way more styling effort than you actually did. Choose one correctly, and you have a lifelong partner and a reliable fashion friend you can call upon in times of need.

Best And Other Stories Dresses :Eni wears & Other Stories' floral puff sleeve mini dress



Eni wears a floral mini dress from & Other Stories.

Dresses certainly aren't in short supply this season, either. We see so many brilliant options from slinky slips to puff sleeves on a daily basis. And there seems to be one overriding factor here: Many of our favourites come from the same store.

Chloe wears a knitted midi dress from & Other Stories. 

We've long been fans of & Other Stories, and it seems the brand has significantly upped its dress game for spring. It currently has over 200 frock options on its website, and we thought we'd lend a helping hand and shift through the lot so you don't have to.

Keep scrolling to discover our edit of the best & Other Stories dresses you can buy now and wear forever.


Cut-outs are a key detail on dresses for 2022. 

You really need to see the back of this dress. 

Cut-outs, a jazzy print, and a bright hue? This dress is a winner on every level.

Trainers, boots, sandals, clogs—there's no shoe this dress won't go with. 

The perfect dress-up-or-dress-down dress. 

Just imagine this worn with an oversized blazer. 

The dress that's currently sitting in my & Other Stories basket. 

Finally, a cut-out neckline you can still wear a bra with. 

This will look beautiful with cream accessories. 

For me, nothing signifies summer quite like a floral mini dress. 

If you prefer a monochromatic colour palette. 

A dress that works for the office and dinners out. 

If you have any kind of event this summer - this is the dress to wear. 

This might be the perfect sunny day dress. 

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