9 Impressive Airport Outfits I'd Actually Wear Next Time I Travel

When it comes to packing for a holiday, you see it as either a headache or a joy to be savoured. But before you neatly roll everything in your bag, don’t forget to pick out an airport outfit. Airports and aeroplanes have microclimates of their own: roasting one minute and freezing cold the next. Not to mention all of the potential waiting around and that bloated feeling long-haul flights always seem to cruelly cast upon you. So what to wear? It’s obvious but true: Layers are essential.

Comfy bottoms are a must for long-haul flights—be they trusted jeans or souped-up leggings. But if this all starts to sound a bit more like the ideal camping outfit, check out the outfits below for the ultimate inspiration on how to style these useful separates. We’ve mined the arrival ensembles of our favourite celebrities and influencers to bring you the most covetable airport outfits. So next time you’re packing, reserve a few of your best pieces for the trip and assemble your travel outfits as instructed below (and feel free to wear flats).