The Most Expensive-Looking Sunglasses to Complete Your Cold Snap Look

You may well be one of those chic women who never ever leave the house without sunnies. If that sounds like you, you know that a new pair is always welcome. Although an umbrella would be a more sensible accessory to invest in (boring!), there's no denying when you're wearing a great pair of shades that they somehow manage to overhaul and elevate your entire outfit.

We've started the search for the best pairs, and there are so many in the new-in sections already. Of course, a pair from Celine or Chloé will have your back year after year, but affordable styles may feel more justifiable in January. From the square frames Lucy Williams inspired us to track down to Topshop styles that bring all the fun to tired winter ensembles, these are the 20 pairs of sunnies you'll want to be seen in again and again. Need more persuasion? They're all under £100…

Be Square

Style Notes: Any accessory Lucy Williams gives the thumbs up to is basically the next cult buy. You'll be seeing a lot of cool girls wearing the more square and rectangular styles this year—trust us.

Style Notes: Seeing winter through rose-tinted glasses isn't such a bad idea when they look this chic. Go for coloured lenses and opt for matching frames if you want to really brighten up the day. 

Slim Shady

Style Notes: Skinny sunnies were big news last year, and they're not going anywhere. Practical they are not, but Ellie proves they're still one to try out. Any shape, colour and print go as long as they barely cover your pupils.

Go Big

Style Notes: Not attempting to try out teeny tiny frames? Then go in the other direction and look to supersized shades even Victoria Beckham would be envious of.

We want to wear them with a suit just like Natasha

Style Notes: Cat-eye versus oval is the retro-sunnies dilemma we are facing right now. Either way, keep them chunky, colourful and statement and you'll win in the accessory department. 

Like red boots and red jeans, red sunnies are also a thing. 

They'll make any beach outfit look 10 times cooler. 

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