Does Anyone Know a Good Hair Salon I Can Afford in London?

Despite the general consensus that you should get your hair cut every eight to 12 weeks, I rarely visit the hairdresser’s. I’m so reluctant to shell out a small fortune for a practically invisible trim (or worse—an unexpected style overhaul thanks to a scissor-happy stylist) that I’ve been known to take the kitchen scissors to my own hair with varying degrees of success.

Living in the capital brings its own issues with it too (and I’m not just talking about the air pollution.) In London, it’s not unusual for salons to charge around £100 for a basic wash and trim. I’d rather spend that money on a few overpriced cocktails. So I’m on a new quest: to find the best hair salons, nail shops and brow bars that London and the rest of Blighty has to offer—without breaking the bank.