Yes, It Is Possible to Find Designer Shoes for Under £400

Buying designer shoes is a funny one, isn't it? Sure, there's absolutely no better feeling than slipping on a brand-new pair of sparkling Manolos, but there's also the fact that shoes are the one item of clothing we subject to grimy pavements and wet puddles daily. So if you don't fancy spending over £1000 on something that'd threaten to give you a hernia if you scuffed it, you'll be pleased to know there are tons of affordable designer shoe brands on the market.



The Style Stalker

Cool, niche, cult (and budget-friendly) shoe brands are not as hard to come by as they once were. Take South Korean Reike Nen, which has become a choice pick for street style stars, or babouche-producing Zyne, which sells its wares near the £200 mark. Keep scrolling for our roundup of cool new designer shoe brands that won't cost you a month's rent.