15 Beauty Editors on the Affordable Products That Rival Expensive Buys

Everyone deserves a beauty editor in their group chat for on-the-go questions on everything from the best concealer to where to go for a manicure that’ll last beyond the weekend. With the enviable job of testing and reviewing a seemingly endless supply of beauty products, they’re the best bet for product recommendations. 

The downside? When you’ve got every beauty brand in the world at your disposal, that often equates to using products that have a whole lot of numbers succeeding the pound sign. So we decided to have a chat with the beauty editors we have on speed dial to find out what affordable beauty products they use that rival the expensive ones out there. 

Best Affordable Beauty Products



Keep scrolling to find the editor-approved affordable buys that you need to add to your routine. 

Shannon Peter, Beauty and Editorial Lead at Liberty London

“I have a real body lotion aversion. I can’t stand the cold, so hopping round a freezing bathroom post-shower waiting for a hefty cream to sink in isn’t my idea of a relaxing morning ritual. That’s why it wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say Sanctuary Spa’s Wet Skin Miracle is a complete game changer. You apply in the shower straight after turning the water off (so you have the safety of the warm steam for comfort) onto wet skin, before gently towelling off and immediately getting dressed. You’d think you’d rub it straight off, but miraculously, it sinks in faster than it takes for the goosebumps to start to appear. And it’s less than a tenner. The dream!”

Best Affordable Beauty Products: Gabrielle Dyer



“As someone who has spent the best part of £30 on shampoo, I can honestly say this rivals even the most costly formulas when it comes to fighting frizz. The main ingredient is aloe vera, instead of water, which makes it super hydrating—perfect for my curly hair.”

Best Affordable Beauty Products: Anita Bhagwandas



“I’ve always favoured a pricey mascara. Despite having now tried thousands as part of my job, none of the cheaper ones ever had the dramatic effect that the luxury ones gave me. I’m not into this natural-looking lash thing—I like lashes that almost send loose paper and small animals flying every time you blink. But I tried this L'Oréal one recently on a whim, and I was shocked by how great it is. The wand both coats and defines, it’s easy to apply on the bottom lashes, it stays all day, and it comes in a super-black shade, which is brilliant for anyone with black hair/lashes for mega definition. I literally can’t stop raving about it!”

Jacqueline Kilikita, Beauty Editor, Refinery29

“A lot of brands charge against the odds for retinoid products, which makes this one, merely £9, so desirable. Recommended to me by a top London dermatologist, the milky, fast-absorbing formula doesn’t cause irritation in the form of redness and flaking. Instead, it works to smooth skin texture and tone. I use it at night after cleansing and credit it for keeping my PCOS-related breakouts under control among other helpful acne ingredients, such as salicylic acid.”

Amy Lawrenson, Beauty and Wellness Editor

“This richly textured creamy cleanser removes every last jot of makeup and grime. It comes with two cleansing cloths to remove every last trace of dirt whilst also giving your complexion a gentle exfoliation. Without any discernible scent and packed with skin cell–repairing antioxidants, it’s my go-to for double cleansing at night and is, quite frankly, an absolute steal.”

Perdita Nouril, Beauty Editor, Women’s Health

“If I could only take one beauty product on a desert island, this would be it. Brimming with the skin wizardry you’ve come to expect from South Korea, it cleverly houses black, red and orange pigments that are encapsulated but dissolve onto the skin when applied. This means they’re not vulnerable to oxidation so remain brighter in colour and can adapt perfectly to your skin tone. Mineral-based SPF offers sun protection without clogging pores, and hero skincare ingredients including Centella Asiatica and adenosine help to increase antioxidant activity and reinforce the skin barrier. As for the results it yields? The texture is so fine it literally melts onto skin and is completely undetectable. When wearing it, I’ve been complimented again and again on how great my skin looks without makeup. Guess the cat’s out the bag now, eh?”

George Driver, Acting Beauty Director, Elle

Best Affordable Beauty Products: George Driver



“Yes, the name sounds like it promises movie-poster levels of mascara extra-ness that’s bound to disappoint, but this mascara actually delivers. The chunky brush (colossal, if you will) lengthens your lashes without any clumps, perfectly fanning out even the trickiest ones in the corners, and the formula is 100% smudge-free, which, for my tiny hooded eyelids, is essential. No more socially awkward encounters with people staring at your mascara tears. And all for less than the price of a Pret lunch. Writing this has actually reminded me to go and buy one.”

Ava Welsing-Kitcher, Freelance Beauty Editor

Best Affordable Beauty Products: Ava Welsing-Kitcher



“I’ve tried countless tubes and tubs of pricier options, I’ve double cleansed, and nothing compares to this. The beauty of it lies in how it doesn’t do much else except simply clean and keep my skin barrier strong. I took a month off from it, and I now have seven spots. Never again.”

“I’ve tried some of the most high-end lip balms on the market, and as gorgeous and pampering as they are, I always come back to my old favourite: Lanolips. My first-ever boss turned me on to this stuff, and it’s so good. Thick and hydrating without being greasy, it immediately softens your lips, and you barely need to reapply. I also use it on my cuticles and as a highlighter sometimes. Every flavour is delicious, but Coconutter has a special place in my heart.”

Giselle La Pompe-Moore, Contributor, Who What Wear

Best Affordable Beauty Products: Giselle La pompe-Moore



“I’ve always been enamoured by the idea of long baths filled with a scattering of rose petals and skin-softening milk. Who am I kidding? I actually do this all the time. But on the days when I don’t have time to indulge in my usual level of extra-ness and just need to wash my face, this is what I use instead. It’s my morning face wash and the second step in my end-of-day double cleanse. The rose water–infused cleanser with its bouncy texture is incredibly soothing on my skin but also swipes off everything it needs to.”

Sarah Barnes, Creative Video Producer, The Sunday Times Style

Best Affordable Beauty Products: Sarah Barnes



“An old favourite and skincare staple that I always come back to when my skin is sensitive and spot-prone is the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. Standing the test of time, this is the first skincare product I ever used. The creamy formula is packed with cocoa butter to soften and rosemary and chamomile to soothe flamed, irritated breakouts. I use the muslin cloth wet to buff the cleanser away in small circular motions for gentle exfoliation, removing dead cells, pollutants and grime that coat our faces when in London. Not to mention it's a bargain at £17 for a tube that lasts and lasts.”

Eleanor Vousden, Beauty Editor, Who What Wear

"So it’s not the most glamourous product I use, but I cannot live without Footner Exfoliating Socks. I’m equal parts amazed and disgusted to see the next-level shedding on my soles. A word of warning: You’ll want to schedule in some social downtime for your feet, as the shedding takes around 10 days. These are the only foot-exfoliating socks that leave my feet renewed and baby-soft in a way that foot filing never will and are much cheaper than a pedicure."

Best Affordable Beauty Products: Victoria Hall



“This serum is easily the best I’ve ever come across for reducing inflammation, including red patches and irritation, and you really notice a difference. It has hyaluronic acid, too, so you just apply your moisturiser/SPF on top, and you’re good to go. I’m on my fifth bottle.”

Becki Murray, Beauty Innovation at Hearst Institute

Best Affordable Beauty Products: Becki Murray



“I have rosacea, so I’m very prone to sensitivities. When my skin flares up (normally after experimenting with too many other products!), this is what I always reach for because it’s instantly soothing. It takes the heat out of my skin straight away, and after slathering it on overnight, I wake up with noticeably less irritation—as if I’ve turned back the clock and not applied the problematic product in the first place!”

Shannon Lawlor, Freelance Beauty Editor

"Let me first highlight that this lip mask is so not my usual thing. It's from a celebrity beauty brand (Millie Bobby Brown is behind Florence by Mills), the packaging isn't luxe, and the whole vibe is very clearly targeted towards a Gen Z consumer. None of those things appeals to me. However, a few months ago, my lips were particularly dry, and I dug out the first overnight lip balm I could get my hands on. Since then, I've never looked back. This stuff is genuinely one of the best lip products I've ever tried. It really nourishes the lips and leaves them visibly plumper come morning. For £16, I'll be buying it over and over again. If it looked prettier, it would definitely take pride of place on my bedside table—instead, it sits just as proudly in my nightstand drawer."

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