I Think These Lesser-Known Boots Are the Best That Money Can Buy

Deciding on a new pair of ankle boots is always a difficult decision, as you are committing to wearing a pair every day for the next six months, usually after testing them for less than five minutes on a shop floor. I can give you a head start, however, as I've found a boots label that I think is a fail-safe choice: Aeyde. Berlin-based shoe brand Aeyde launched in 2015, and the core of the business is its leather ankle boots. 

If you're looking for a fuss-free boot that has subtle luxury detailing and will go with every single one of your autumn outfits, then you can't go wrong with the Aeyde's silhouettes. They do several versions of a classic ankle boot, so you'll be able to find black leather boots with thick chunky heels, a slight Western feel, a pointed toe or a thinner mini heel. I wear the Ruby black ankle boots with the pointed toe and the chunky Leandra boots in navy patent almost every day in winter and find they are the perfect length on the ankle to wear with both jeans and midi dresses. 

Black ankle boots might not be the most exciting purchase, however, I find they are the best foundation for your winter wardrobe. If you like your footwear to have a little more personality, then the tan glossy croc-effect leather or the patchwork snake print might be more your vibe. Aeyde might not be a mainstream name, but it has a strong following within fashion circles, as the likes of Lucy Williams and Camille Charrière are fans of the German brand. Keep scrolling to see—and shop—Aeyde boots. 

Best Aeyde boots: Emma Spedding in navy patent boots


Emma Spedding

Style Notes: I love how my glossy Aeyde boots look with ankle-length jeans—they are surprisingly comfortable too considering the height. 

Best Aeyde boots: Lucy Williams in teddybear coat and beige boots


Lucy Williams

Style Notes: Lucy Williams's croc-effect knee-highs look amazing with her matching honeycomb-coloured teddy coat. 

Style Notes: Camille proves that the Aeyde ankle boots are a match made in heaven with jeans. 

Style Notes: Brittany Bathgate always finds the most expensive-looking minimal pieces, and we love how she wears her black ankle boots with a stone-coloured blazer and brown trousers. 

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