The Best Advice On Working In Fashion: It's Not A Competition

According to Vogue, the latest and greatest advice on working in the fashion industry is a wee bit surprising. Fashion behemoths André Leon Talley and Isabel and Ruben Toledos recently shared what Vogue calls “the best advice on working in fashion you will ever get” while attending a Q&A for the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund recipients. The super successful trio shared several lessons and tokens of advice, but these two quotes sum up our favourite (and most inspiring) reminder to be humble and remember it’s not a competition.

“Listen, there’s always going to be other people in the world. Do not even think about the other people . . . When I was working for Mrs. Vreeland there were other interns far more fashionable than I was, far better dressed than I was, everything was Rive Gauche, all fluttering around, but she wasn’t listening or paying attention to the others. Because of the work that I had done from my own instinct.” —André Leon Talley

“I have a theory: Never bloom too early. I’m a big believer in big losers . . . eventually you’ll get there, and that’s ok. That builds character.” —Ruben Toledo

Head over to Vogue to read the rest of André Leon Talley and the Toledos career advice.

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