The Cult Accessory Trends We're Seeing Everywhere This Summer

Whatever the time of year and whatever your taste or stage of life, a well-chosen accessory is always a good investment. Aside from the odd weather-based constriction (although, socks and sandals are looking undeniably appealing right now), this is a fashion category that should work all-year round and, ideally, last long enough to see you through multiple seasonal rotations or even have heirloom potential. 

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While we will always be champions of loving what is already in your wardrobe, if you have a big birthday coming up or are simply looking for an iconic accessory to add to your capsule, let us point you in the direction of, which is packed full of cult pieces that are so worth the investment. To give you a more succinct overview and, in turn, help you make a more informed choice, we've identified four key themes that sum up this season's offering. 

If that heirloom piece is what you're looking for, we would recommend the retro trend, which definitely has clout in the current fashion climate but, thanks to its timeless prints and throwback silhouettes, is sure to stand the test of time. However, if your craving leans more towards statement-making colour and texture, there is also a plethora of green-hued pieces that are sure to put a smile on your face or perhaps a cheeky raffia buy for year-round summer holiday vibes. Ready? Scroll down to see and shop the high-end accessories we're adding to our dream wish list this year. Happy scrolling. 

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Raffia Redux

Green Is the New Black

The Retro Obsession

Going Gingham

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