While You Were Sleeping: 9 Must-See Stories From This Week

Read on to see the top 9 stories from the week that you simply can't miss!

1. We captured Bella Thorne wearing some of the fall season's most stylish designs!

2. We sat down with Miranda Kerr, who revealed her 7 ultra-surprising style obsessions du jour.

3. We did the dirty work of decoding every single dress code out there, so you'll never have to. 

4. We learned seven ultra-useful tricks for walking gracefully in heels.

5. Our co-founder Hillary Kerr revealed 6 things everyone does that unintentionally horrifies their bosses

6. Some of the world's top bloggers sat down to share their secrets to success with us! 

7. There was this incredibly accurate quiz, which reveals which style icon you really are.

8. How fashion girls dress for a date: a riddle finally got solved.

9. We got super excited for fall by shopping these stylish new slip-on sneakers right after they dropped.

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