The Best Way to Wear Head-to-Toe Black, According to Bella Hadid

Sometimes there is nothing chicer than an all-black uniform (just ask many New Yorkers), but wearing head-to-toe black pieces can become dull and lack personality. Bella Hadid is one star who shows that an all-black outfit can be just as experimental as wearing a rainbow of brights, becoming the style inspiration for girls who are allergic to colour. 

The trick to mastering an all-black look is to layer textures and adding unexpected details. In New York this week, Bella Hadid wore black jeans and a leather jacket, but she made the ensemble dramatic and fashion-forward with her accessories and playful silhouettes. 

Her Givenchy leather jacket makes a statement with its exaggerated sleeves, gold buttons and a scarf-effect panel with a fringed hem running across the front. Meanwhile, her 3x1 jeans have V-shaped slits at the hem to show off her black leather boots with a Perspex block heel. Bella topped off the look with an unlikely accessory—a pair of Karl Lagerfeld–esque leather fingerless gloves.

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Bella Hadid all black outfit



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