This Next-to-Nothing Nail Colour Is Set to Be the Most Popular Shade of 2021

Whether you're still mastering your at-home mani or are finally able to venture back to the salon, there's one nail colour that's already dominating the rest in terms of popularity this year. Now, we know you might be thinking of classic red or even soft pink (Ballet Slippers by Essie has definitely reached icon status), but neither is as universally loved as beige nail colours. That's right. Beige shades—from light tan to rich, near-brown hues—can be spotted on the fingers of more celebrities and fashion girls than any other. In the "less is more" beauty landscape of 2021, it's set to become even more popular.

If this revelation is making your head spin, it's probably because you think of beige as a boring shade. But as our most stylish pals have proven via gorgeous beige fashion looks, this neutral hue is a classic staple that always makes a statement. Not to mention, there are literally dozens of variations of it to fit any and every skin tone or finish preference.

Still sceptical? Challenge accepted. Ahead, check out 21 of our favourite beige nail colours to carry out your chicest manicure yet.

Deep Beige

Beige Nail Colours: @basicstouch



Shades of beige run the gamut from almost white to deeper hues reminiscent of the lightest variations of brown. Aside from adding a bit more impact than their much lighter counterparts, deep-beige nail colours also serve as the perfect neutral tones for those with darker skin. 

Allow us to introduce you to your new favourite nude.

Sheer Beige

Beige Nail Colors: @samantheah



Though beige is already considered one of the most subtle nail colours out there, sheer-beige options take the idea of barely there to the next level. This milky varnish is perfect for those who want just a little something while still letting their natural nails shine through. Additionally, it's a beautiful base for endless nail-art designs.

If shimmery polish is more your speed, this one is simply stunning.

Tinged Beige

Beige Nail Colors: @ch.phr8ph



If you tend to find beige too dull, you might be happy to hear that there are tons of hues for which it simply serves as the base colour. This means shades in the beige family can skew pink, green, blue, and more, making for much more lively colours fit for the more adventurous amongst us.

This beige hue has a touch of soft pink in it, and it's so pretty.

The product description for this green-tinged neutral says it's a "savoury beige." Genius.

Beige Press-Ons

Beige Nail Colors:@nails_of_la



Nail polish is great if you've got a steady hand and the time to commit to a full-on paint job, but for those who want claws that look professionally manicured faster than you can say boo, then press-ons are the best bet. There are so many stylish options out there these days, too.

These were created by a festival-wear brand and prove that beige is anything but boring.

The shape and fit of these are truly unmatched.

We love that these are affordable and so chic.

Beige Ombré

Beige Nail Colors: @maddiebriell



When you can't settle on just one nail colour, an ombré set is the most stylish way to scratch that itch. Whether you're committing to varying shades of beige or a coordinated collection of colours, you really can't go wrong.

This handy set has all the beige tones you'll need for the perfect ombré look.

True Beige

All variations aside, true-beige nail colours are in a league of their own. There's really nothing better than a light, natural-looking, and creamy polish to give you the cleanest minimalist manicure or even set the stage for some masterful nail art.

This go-to beige has a slightly pearlescent finish that's so pretty.

Beige Nail Art

Beige Nail Colors: @thehangedit



While it might be more common to see nail art that calls in all the colours of the rainbow, you can create equally fun looks anchored by neutral shades. It's just further evidence that beige nail colours are anything but boring.

This pretty beige could be a great base colour, but we'd also love to see it used in more artistic ways.

This slightly deeper shade would be perfect for bringing some dimension into any nail design.

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