This Is the Only Product That Actually Manages to Brighten My Dark Circles

When it comes to dark circles, I know a thing or two. Not simply because I’m a beauty editor and it’s my job to know about such things, but because I have a personal vendetta against them. For as long as I can remember, I have sported an unsightly pair of purple rings around my eyes that make me look permanently exhausted. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, how much water I drink or how much I moisturise and apply eye cream, they just won’t budge.

A couple of years ago I got so fed up with them, I took drastic measures and visited an ophthalmologist to see what my options were cosmetically. When they started talking in detail about different invasive treatments, I got grossed out and never went back. Since that day, I have made it my life mission to find the ultimate under-eye brightener. And yes, concealer plays a part too, of course, but for me, it’s more about finding a base product that will work to correct the colour instead of just cover it up. One of the first recommendations I received was Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector (£21).

While Becca might be more famously known for its best-selling highlighter and celebrity collaborations, this little pot is my unsung hero. However, it’s worth noting that this product is not a concealer. It doesn’t intend to totally cover up every last trace of dark circle, but it does work to brighten up the area so that dark circles look a lot less prominent. In a way, I think this is actually the reason I love it so much. Although for a night out I might still reach for my full-coverage concealer to help mask the dark circles, for the day time I want something a little more natural-looking, and this is it.

Becca Under Eye Corrector: Shannon before using the brightener


Becca Under Eye Corrector: Shannon after using the brightener



It would seem that I’m not alone in loving it either. Most of my fellow beauty editors seem to agree that this is one of the best makeup products out there, and it’s won multiple awards as a result. What’s most fabulous about it though, is that it really requires zero makeup skill. Unlike other full-coverage concealers, it doesn’t contain a skin-coloured pigment and instead uses a subtle pink-toned pigment to neutralise the colour of dark circles. Plus, of course understanding that not all dark circles are the same hue, Becca has recently added a much-requested medium-dark shade that works to colour correct on darker skin tones.

I simply dab my ring finger into the pot and press it in under both eyes. Because it has no full-coverage pigment, it really requires minimal blending, something that’s also helped out by its super-creamy texture. The best bit? It stays around more or less all day. And by that I don’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t budge, I just mean that it doesn’t migrate and settle in fine lines and creases, unlike so many other formulas that I’ve tried. 

However, the thing that really sets this tiny pot of wonder apart from other brighteners for me, is the subtle pearlescent sheen that it has to help brighten up tired eyes. In fact, I love it so much that, much like my morning brew, I don’t feel ready to start the day without it. So yes, it’s a best seller, it’s a favourite amongst beauty editors and it’s garnered a lot of hype from the beauty community, and I can totally see why. Keep scrolling to shop the brightening corrector.

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If you’re after more of a lightweight coverage, this will do you nicely. Glowy, illuminating and blurring, this is the ultimate under-eye concealer for those no-makeup-makeup days.

While a powder might not spring to mind as the most brightening product out there, trust me when I say this stuff is a game changer. It takes away any unwanted dewiness to keep your under-eye makeup in place all day, without looking dry or cakey.

This stuff really does work to help awaken the eye area. Apply under the eyes and let the cooling properties get to work at depuffing. Plus, the thick consistency works to smooth out fine lines too.

By far Becca’s most well-known (and well-loved) product, this highlighter is the ultimate clutch-bag essential for a night out.

This stuff means business. For those that like their base with added glow, apply this before you put on foundation and prepare yourself for your dewiest, brightest complexion yet.

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