Eighties Eyes

Just in case there was any doubt in your mind, the eighties are officially unstoppable. In addition to influencing the fashion world (strong shoulders, round sunglasses, and MC Hammer-inspired style, we're talking about you), the decade's taking control of the beauty realm too. The evidence is in the eye shadow, if you will, as fashion-forward celebs like Kate Moss and Mischa Barton have started experimenting with an edgy, super smoky, futuristic punk look.

Mastering winged eye makeup is a wise move for these always-on-the-cusp ladies. The spring runways showed numerous variations of this beauty trend, including a particularly notable statement look at Valentino, created by the cosmetics queen Pat McGrath. You'd better perfect your technique as well, because in addition to being a big spring trend, we can confidently say that you'll be Currently Channeling: Debbie Harry, David Bowie, and Boy George through 2010. The reason for our certainty is simple, the fashion pack can't stop chattering about the Marc Jacobs Fall 09 beauty look-a high-drama version of the eighties eye, of course! Make sure you check out all of the backstage images from Jacobs' show, as the maquillage master himself, Francisco Nars, created each of the 60+ looks.

Though this is definitely statement makeup, there is a way to wear these eighties eyes off the runway. If you're keen on trying the dramatic look, use a slightly matte dark grey shadow, per Mischa Barton and Alice Dellal. Barton, seen here at the G-Star Raw show in February, is a huge proponent of this trend. She usually concentrates all the shadow on her lids, extending just beyond the outer corners to a slight Cleopatra-like point, and leaves her brow bones bare. Alice Dellal showed off a similar, slightly more polished version of this look at a Milan Fashion Week party. We love the combination of soft dove grey shadow on the brow and inner corners, plus shaded charcoal shadow on the lid. The way the darker shadow tapers to a dramatic point is not only lovely, it's also perfect for a fun night out.

Of course, there are less extreme versions of the eighties eye, as Kate Moss, Kristen Stewart, and Eva Green illustrate beautifully. For a Fendi party during Paris Fashion Week, Moss turned up with her take on the glam beauty trend. Her neutral shadow has just a hint of sparkle: it's modern, yet very wearable. Eva Green, one of our favourite French actresses, also displayed subtler eyes at the Christian Dior Fall 09 show in Paris earlier this month. Instead of going for heavy lower liner, like Barton and Dellal, Green took the sophisticated route and opted for a lighter touch. If you're still a bit hesitant about this trend, do take a peek at the way Kristen Stewart wore her makeup for the Twilight premiere in London. Her eye shadow has a similar extended point, but by choosing silvery hues instead of dark grey, the overall effect is light and fresh.

When translating this look yourself, please remember that you should keep the rest of your face basically bare. Natural lips and soft blush are the best choice; otherwise you risk looking a bit like a drag queen. At Marc Jacobs, makeup artists used NARS' Cream Eye Shadow ($21) in Zardoz and NARS' Duo Eye Shadow ($32) in Pandora: both are perfect for a strong look. If you don't own a single shadow that would work for this trend, there are several great options available. Try Sephora's Smoky Eyes Palette ($38) or Max Factor's MAXeye Shadow 3-Colour Shadow ($5) in Precious Metals, as both are outfitted with a range of key shades. Newbies, we suggest trying Stila's Smoky Eye Talking Palette ($40) in The Grays or The Bronzes, as both feature wonderfully blendable shadows in very flattering tones.