I Love This Affordable Skincare Brand—These Are My 6 Favourite Buys

I often wish I were a teenager during this time. Don't get me wrong; I adored the '90s, but I didn't love the skincare choices that I had. My Saturday job only allowed for drugstore buys, and let's face it: The options were nowhere near what they are today. I grew up with pore strips, harsh cleansers and scented everything, so whenever I see an affordable skincare brand that actually works, I get really excited. 

Skincare by Beauty Bay, the sell-out range that only a few lucky ones managed to stuff into their baskets, is back after a little break with new products, and they are seriously good. 

My inner 13-year-old is rolling her eyes and thinking about how much of a game changer this would have been. But my current self has been thoroughly enjoying the line of under-£8 products, all filled with the powerhouse ingredients that we come to expect from any worthy skincare line. There's also plenty of choice, so you can mix and match depending on your skin concerns.

Keep scrolling to read about my must-haves from the range.

Beauty Bay Affordable Skincare: Giselle flatly



I think I might exclusively use jelly-like textures on my skin. This cleanser manages to hit all the required consistency points but still feels substantial enough to give a good cleanse. My skin felt clean, moisturised and ready for the rest of my skincare routine. If you're looking for a jelly cleanser that feels a bit more nourishing, then this is a great one to go for. 

Finally, a mist with some power. I've been using this in an effort to refresh my complexion after too many hours locked inside, and its been working a treat. The berry-infused mist has been giving my makeup a more natural look and adding a dose of moisture before my serums and creams.

I have a secret to share. Rose-hip oil is the reason for my glow. Yes, you heard it here first. There's honestly no greater oil for me, and this one is absolutely incredible. It's rich and melted into my skin and made me glow without feeling like the residue in a frying pan. Also, just look at the price. Snap up one—or three.

Everyone's favourite ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is the star of the show in this serum. What really stood out for me with this one was how well the serum retained moisture in my skin. I used it after a long day of makeup, and it kept my skin feeling juicy until the next morning.

There's only one word that came to mind when I used this: zingy. The ginseng was everything I needed to wake my complexion up. It managed to fulfill all of my hydration needs both under my foundation and before bed. There are some days when my skin isn't really feeling a dense cream, and this lightweight moisturiser is the perfect replacement. 

Okay, so these stickers are pretty wild. I examined my skin with the flashlight on my phone, hunting for blackheads. Six stickers and two hours later and the stickers managed to draw out all the gunk in there. (Sorry for the description, but I know you're probably a Dr. Pimple Popper fan.) I'll be keeping a pack of these by my bedside for emergencies. 

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