6 Things Fashion Industry Figures Do to Feel Confident at Work

There’s no denying that you’re already nailing it in the workplace but if you’re looking to step up your game we’ve got your back—along with some of our favourite fashion powerhouses. That’s right, we tapped industry leaders—editors, bloggers, PR specialists and more—to spill on what they do to achieve their goals and stand out.

While we understand that not everyone works in fashion (that would be insane!), the tips coming your way are actually totally universal and can be applied to a range of professions.

Keep scrolling to check out the six things real fashion girls do to feel more successful at work (and check out their Instagram accounts, too!). Plus, go a bit further to shop 9-to-5 wardrobe essentials.

“For me I make sure that I get up and get out first thing after answering morning emails. I go grab coffee or matcha and come back and continue with my day. It gives me energy and a sense of the world. I also make sure to get dressed, even if I am in my home office all day.” — Taye Hansberry, blogger, Stuff She Likes

2. Wear good shoes.



“For me, shoes are always the most important part of any outfit. They make you stand tall (literally!), so if you need a confidence boost, a really good pair of heels is the way to go. And a good pair of heels doesn’t necessarily have to mean super high, though, because nothing is worse than not being able to walk or stand comfortably in your shoes. Plus, people can usually tell if you are not comfortable, and that’s awkward. A lower heel can also do wonders for your leg line, so as long as you can stride around confidently, there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel successful.” — Danielle Prescod, accessories editor, US InStyle

3. Keep sophisticated pieces at your desk, and stay abreast of news.



“I have a reserve of heels that I keep at my desk and a Dries Van Noten jacket I love. This way, even if I’m wearing jeans and a sweater to work, if a surprise meeting pops up, I know I can pull myself together in seconds. Also, this may sound head-smackingly obvious, but I make sure to stay on top of the news throughout the day, even on my busiest days. Keeping up with the world outside of the fashion bubble is not only important for clear life reasons, but it also ensures you’re never left clueless during meetings.” — Marissa Rosenblum, editorial director, The Window at Barneys

“It may sound like a no-brainer, but good old-fashioned kindness goes a long way, especially considering what a small and tight-knit industry it truly is. You’ll always remember when someone took the extra time to reply to an email, write a thoughtful note, offer advice or recommend you for a great job opportunity. Likewise, people never forget when a boss or colleague has treated them poorly. I always say that I’d so much rather be known as ‘the nice girl who works in fashion’ than ‘the cool girl who works in fashion.’ Because let’s be honest: While the industry is far from what The Devil Wears Prada would have you believe, the fact remains that it probably contains more cool girls than genuinely kind ones.” — Elana Fishman, executive digital editor, People StyleWatch

5. Make lists.



“My tip to succeed in the industry is make a list and keep my workspace organised and inspiring! Lists make my day feel attainable and my success measurable. Moodboards and mementos help me remember what it's all about!” — Hillary Stonger, media manager, Neiman Marcus

6. Recognize those around you.



“Recognize the people around you that you can learn from, and absorb their wisdom—and don’t be afraid to ask them for guidance!” — Kate Alper, senior digital publicist, KCD

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