I Always Get So Many Compliments When I Wear This £4 Eyeliner

Over the past year, my makeup skills have definitely improved. While I thought numerous lockdowns and being secluded in my flat would mean forgoing makeup entirely, I actually took the time to brush up on my skills, and I think that having a steadier hand when applying eyeliner, blending my eye shadow and buffing in blush has proved worthwhile. After all, I’m not claiming to be makeup-artist good, but I’ve definitely noticed an influx of compliments about my makeup from strangers when I’ve been out recently—an undeniable confidence boost!

However, I noticed that there was one product in particular that was continually catching people’s eyes whenever I wore it. And, contrary to what you might think, it’s one of the most affordable makeup products on the market. I’m a true believer in the fact that just because a product is expensive, it doesn’t mean it’ll be any better than its cheaper counterparts and vice versa. However, after months of testing, I can truly say that the Barry M Hi Vis Bold Waterproof Eyeliner (£4) is not only affordable but also one of the best eyeliner formulas that I’ve tried in a really long time—and this is why.

Barry M Eyeliner Review



I’m not the type of person to shy away from a statement eye look, whether that be with eye shadow or eyeliner. So when I stumbled upon this Barry M treasure while shopping for something completely different to the current contents of my makep bag, the £4 price tag and the vibrant green colour meant that it was a fail-safe purchase.

Upon first application, I noticed just how intensely creamy the formula was. The pencil glided so effortlessly around my eye area to reveal a vibrant lime-green shade. In fact, I would genuinely say that application (eyeliner flicks and all) took me no longer than two minutes. Top tip: For anyone else who swears by a “go big or go home” approach when it comes to your eyeliner flicks, make sure you give your kohl pencil a bit of a sharpen before each use, as it’ll give you easier precision when creating the shape.

Whether you're seeking an experimental eyeliner to add something unexpected to a neutral eye look, or you want to experiment with this year's trending bright eyeliner trend without breaking the bank, you can't possibly go wrong with this one from Barry M. In comparison to other colourful liners I've tried, this one isn't patchy, and it really does last for hours—and, although they're definitely having a moment right now, colourful eyeliners never go out of style, in my opinion.

However, if you're nervous about making colourful eyeliner work for you, then start by slowly applying the eyeliner with a light hand. If you like what you see, then you can keep building up the colour to achieve a brighter, bolder look.

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