This Carrie Bradshaw Skirt Has Made A Fabulous Comeback

Carrie Bradshaw is now back on our screens, and just like that many of her wardrobe signatures are making a quick revival. Carrie will forever be associated with corsages, namesake necklaces and Manolos, but to me one of the most Bradshaw trends of all is the ballerina skirt. In the opening sequence of Sex and the City she wore a pink tank top with a white tutu, which stylist Patricia Field found for $5. In series six when Carrie moved to Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky the ballerina skirt returned for her final scene where she gets slapped and then is reunited with Mr Big. To be precise it was a sage green knee-length tulle skirt.

Sarah Jessica Parker has said of the now iconic look: ‘I think I loved the tutu dress that I wore at the end of the Paris episode because it was an outfit that was about an image that Carrie had, which was, like so often happens to Carrie, what she wanted to project onto the scenario of wearing that dress, a pie in her face. That outfit got to tell so many stories, and it was such a romantic outfit and it was so delicate and it had so much grace to it, and it ran around Paris, and that was not how she had imagined that outfit.’ 

The tutu has made a return in the spin-off series And Just Like That, as Sarah Jessica Parker has been seen filming in an ankle-grazing white tulle skirt. It’s also making its way back into our wardrobes, as I’ve started noticing tulle ballerina skirts trickling into new-in sections. Raey, the label available on Matchesfashion, has made a beautiful knee-length recycled tulle skirt in the Carrie sage green, as well as black, red, yellow and many more shades. Arket has also created its own take in a beautiful mossy green. Raey styles the skirt in a distinctly modern way in its imagery, with an oversized jumper worn over the skirt, giving it a more relaxed and feel less costume. 

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