Every Time We See These Shoes, We Want Them Even More

Green satin backless mules with a Grinch-like spiky toe and a low kitten heel sound like they would be the most hated shoes of all time, but they are summer's most-wanted accessory, thanks to Balenciaga and a legion of believers. Granted, not everyone will love or understand these very "fashion week" shoes (we expect some green face emojis on our Instagram feed in response). However, the knife mules are so popular that they have sold out everywhere, from Net-a-Porter to Mary-Kate Olsen recently wore them as a bridesmaid; meanwhile, the influencing likes of Tamu McPherson and Sandra of 5 Inch and Up have been 'gramming them all month long.

Scroll below to see the controversial mules, and let us know whether you love them or loathe them.

Sandra of 5 Inch and Up declared these the "shoes of the month."

Tamu McPherson paired hers with cropped Attico jeans and an oversize shirt.

Mary Kate Olsen wearing the Balenciaga knife mules



Mary-Kate Olsen wore the green knife mules with a vintage robe as a bridesmaid this summer.

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