11 Looks That Show Balayage Works on Short Hair Too

Balayage is the hair trend that's on everyone's lips, a word that's either immediately understood when mentioned in conversation or completely escapes you. It's basically a trend that's changed the hair colour game. 

You won't see any foil when going for balayage, as this technique, which is French for "to sweep" or "to paint," focuses on freehand painted sweeps of colours instead of those telltale stripes. 

This hair-dye trend is all about that natural, just-been-kissed-by-the-sun lightening of the hair for a really subtle and refreshed look. So subtle that there aren't any obvious lines, as the colour is perfectly blended. Of course, the bonus here is that you won't have to worry about anyone spotting your regrowth. 

If you've been thinking about updating your look, balayage just might be the hair-colour refresh you've been looking for. Keep scrolling to see our favourite balayage styles. 

The Inspiration

Balayage Short Hair: Bibi Bagnall



Create volume and softness to show off your colour with tousled ends. 

Ends that look so sun-kissed that people will be asking where your last holiday was.

Balayage Short Hair: Natalie Portman Red Carpet



Make like Natalie Portman and emphasise your colour with ever so gently curled ends.

Balayage Short Hair: Ice blonde cropped hair



Blunt ends and ice-blonde tones? The perfect match. 

Balayage Short Hair: Ciara with blonde bob



Ciara is synonymous with a shoulder grazing bob, but this multi-tonal style might be our favourite one yet. 

Proof that all hair colours can get in on the balayage action.

Balayage Short Hair: Debby Ryan pink hair



Interested in pastel tones but don't want it to look too obvious? This subtle take is the best of both worlds.

Crinkled waves, hair pushed back behind the ears and nesting on a crisp coat collar. What's there not to love? 

Balayage Short Hair: Mandy Moore balayage



Dark hair was made for this trend with lighter sweeps of colour at the top and building up to the ends for a natural finish.

Balayage Short Hair: Naomie Harris on red carpet



Follow Naomie Harris by adding an unexpected yet precisely blended colour at the ends. 

Balayage Short Hair: Saoirse Ronan on the red carpet



Mess things up a bit by going for a dishevelled wet look to make those painted streaks stand out. 

Now that you've got all of the balayage hair inspo you need, here are all the products that will keep your hair colour looking salon-fresh.

The Products

The age-old question is always how to upkeep your colour in between appointments. Well, this is your answer. Available for both darker and lighter hair, this product will balance your colour and give it that all-important boost.

Brassy tones aren't where it's at, so to avoid that on fair hair, slot this moisture-boosting shampoo into your hair routine. Your coloured strands will thank you for it. 

For hair lacking lustre, shine and feeling a bit stripped from the colouring process, enter this decadent wash. With chestnut milk and rice protein, your hair will be protected and deeply conditioned. 

Is there anything better than drenching your hair in a rich and creamy mask? There is, and it's this raw coconut mask enriched with argan and linseed oil to combat dry and limp locks. 

People go absolutely wild for this beloved drugstore conditioner. If you're looking for an affordable way to look after your balayage, this is a great option.

Designed to add much-needed shine to coloured hair, this also has UV filters to stop your hair colour from fading. If you don't want to swap out your shampoo and conditioner, this spray is a must-have.

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