5 Bag Trends That Feel Really New This Year

Who What Wear's editor in chief, Hannah Almassi, noted in her trend report that she has never seen so many trends as she has witnessed for autumn/winter 2019. The trends are varied and vast, with something for every possible type of style persuasion, and this certainly applies to accessories. There are five handbag trends, in particular, that are going to be significant come autumn, and this really is a varied bunch of bags.

Those of us who always seem to have three canvas tote bags on the go will be pleased to hear that practicality is a key consideration for autumn, with lots of designers like Fendi and Loewe creating laptop-friendly options. However, there are also new handbag styles arriving that are a little less practical—none more so than Jacquemus's new micro bag that will fit a single key (or perhaps a stick of chewing gum).

The clutch is also poised to make a triumphant return thanks to Daniel Lee's work at Bottega Veneta. These buttery soft pouch bags have become an overnight success story. Fashion buyers also keep talking about the Frame bag—a grown-up handbag we believe will be the longest-lasting trend. Keep scrolling to see and shop the five handbag trends that feel really new this year.

1. Clutch Bag

Bag trends autumn winter 2019: Bottega Veneta pouch clutch bag



Bottega Veneta pouch bag for autumn/winter 2019. 

Bottega Veneta has had a complete image revamp this year, following the appointment of creative director Daniel Lee in July 2018. Arguably his biggest contribution to the Italian house so far is the introduction of the Pouch bag, an oversized slouchy clutch that's now permanently wedged under Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's arm. The clutch is poised to make a huge comeback later in the year when other brands follow suit and create their own versions.

2. Fuzzy Bag



Chanel bag for autumn/ winter 2019. 

"Duvet dressing" is a term that Net-a-Porter's Elizabeth von der Goltz used a lot when discussing autumn/winter 2019 trends, and funnily enough, this also applied to accessories. Stand has translated its signature faux-fur coats into handbags, while Wandler, Chanel and Bottega have also created fuzzy bags. 

3. Frame Bag

Bag trends autumn winter 2019: Frame bag by Loewe



Loewe bag for autumn/winter 2019. 

The frame bag is a new name for 2019 and is essentially a grown-up handbag with a top handle and a classic, rigid structure. "I find that when something is vintage, that piece has a much longer staying power since the style feels inherently classic, like the frame bag," says Lisa Aiken, fashion director at Moda Operandi. Loewe's Lantern bag with a lantern embossed on the leather is going to be one of the most significant new styles come September. 

4. Tote Bag

Bag trends autumn winter 2019: Tote bag



Fendi bag for autumn/winter 2019. 

When it comes to proportions this season, it's a tale of two halves (on one the side, the smallest bag in the world was invented, but more on this later on). There's also a move towards more practical tote bags that could house your laptop and even possibly a change of shoes. 

5. Miniature Bag

Bag trends autumn winter 2019: Jacquemus mini bag



Jacquemus bag for autumn/winter 2019. 

We can't think of any other time when a bag got a reaction quite like when Jacquemus included this mini-mini bag in his autumn/winter 2019 collection. (Why so tiny? A set of house keys or lipstick wouldn't even fit in this bag, let alone a phone.) But Jacquemus has proved before that he can turn a silly impractical fashion gimmick into a best seller, so if anyone could make a penny-sized bag a success, it's him.