If "Bad Taste" Is Now Good Taste, Just How Do You Get It Right?

If you find yourself recoiling in horror at some hit fashion thing that's just landed online, then listen up: Feel the fear, and wear it anyway. After season upon season of maximalism and novelty style, the line between good taste and bad taste is about as blurry as it can be.

The trend has exploded so dramatically this season—in a whirr of stirrup pants, crystal and diamanté everything, logos, lamé and more—that what would have once been traditionally classed as diabolical now stands at the top of the sartorial tree. Confused? Don't be—it's a natural reaction to normcore and minimalism, so if you're not a denim-and-tee girl, now is your moment.

You can see the concept at Gucci, where magpie styling and retro references collide to a Little Edie–on-acid effect. Or how about Vetements? This is the highly influential fashion brand that has transformed the idea of incredibly "low-brow" elements—from DHL logos to Justin Bieber hoodies—into the most coveted pieces on any given rail.

Think of the proliferation of candy pink, all-fluffy everything and 1980s-style eveningwear for day. And let's not forget kaleidoscopic print mash-ups, white shoes and PVC party dresses… From the streets to the most respected A-list circles, the movement is clear to see—we've even noticed it coming through in the way Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion costumes are being referenced on repeat. Tacky and trashy? These terms have done a 180.

If you're unsure as to how to walk this tightrope, we've decoded it for you with instructional outfits and shopping picks below. And for extra motivation, remember that legendary photographer Helmut Newton once said: "I hate good taste. It's the worst thing that can happen to a creative person."