Hailey Bieber's Favourite Moisturiser Is a French Favourite, and It's Only £14

When it comes to celebrity beauty and celebrity beauty lines, we usually take them with a little pinch of salt. It feels a little inauthentic when a celebrity launches a line and proclaims that it's all that they use. Sure, the products might be good, but behind the complexions of stars is usually a team of top facialists, expert dermatologists and experienced doctors who help them look their very best. Not to mention that they have access to the very best skincare products no matter the price tag. So I find it difficult to believe when a celebrity credits only their skincare line for their glowing skin. So when Hailey Bieber's TikTok video came up on my For You Page recently, I was pleasantly surprised by her skincare advice.

Avene cicalfate @haileybieber



Bieber shared a candid picture of her skin, showing some breakouts and skin irritation. And in the video, she wrote, "For the past week my skin has been a little angry and irritated for I think a few factors." She listed stress, travel, lack of sleep, PMS and trying out new products as reasons for her skin irritation.



"Usually when my skin gets like this I only reach for products that will help calm and heal the skin while keeping bacteria away," she added. "Here's what I've been using!"



Since she recently launched her own skincare line, Rhode (which isn't available in the UK just yet), I was expecting the recommendations to only feature products from her line. However, she shared skincare products from a range of brands, including a dermatologist- and editor-approved moisturiser. And it comes in at less than £14.



The moisturiser is Avène Cicalfate cream. Essentially, it's a barrier repair cream and ideal if your skin is sensitive, irritated or inflamed from going OTT on products. As someone who also gets eczema, I can attest that it's great for soothing and repairing small flare-ups, too. I always make sure I have one in my bathroom, and it seems as though Bieber approves, too.

Avène Cicalfate

Because it creates an ideal environment for skin to heal, there are so many ways to use this product. It's great on red and irritated areas of skin, sore blemishes, eczema and even bumps and grazes on the skin, too. The antibacterial zinc and copper help to keep the area free of bacteria while the post-biotics (an ingredient that comes from Avène's Thermal Waters, which feature in all of the brand's products) promote skin repair. It has a lightweight yet protective texture that makes it so versatile.

Hailey Bieber Avene Cicalfate @haileybieber



Bieber rates Avéne's Cicalfate moisturiser for calming skin irritation.

More Avène Products

If your hands are prone to dryness, irritation or eczema, this hand cream version of Cicalfate is ideal to keep in your bag or on your desk.

This mist contains Avéne's Thermal Water and is great for giving itchy or inflamed skin relief throughout the day, leaving it calm and cool.

One of my favourite ranges of Avène's is Tolérance, which is suited to sensitive skin. This moisturiser comes in both a cream and lighter emulsion, so depending on your skin's needs, you can opt for a heavier or lighter formula. 

I've used both of these formulas when my skin flares up. This lighter emulsion is ideal for summer or if your skin leans more on the combination or oily side but still needs soothing and repairing.

This is probably the most soothing, non-irritating cleanser that I've ever used. It melts away makeup without irritating sensitive skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and comfortable. I always have a bottle in my bathroom on standby for flare-ups.

Skincare products targeting acne and oily skin can be very harsh and aggressive, but not Avéne's. Keeping skin sensitivity in mind, this moisturiser treats breakouts softly without compromising your skin's barrier.

If you find that typical SPFs leave your skin feeling irritated, then try Avéne's. This lightweight formula is also fragrance-free, so it's less likely to irritate your skin.

If you're prone to redness or want to address rosacea, then this moisturiser has so many great reviews.

I'm prone to dryness and itchy skin on my body, but the balm is a soothing antidote. It has lipids, which help restore the building blocks of your skin for more resilient and less irritable skin.

Irritated lips are no fun. This one has the same Cicalfate formula as the cream version to help soothe and repair compromised lips.

The eyes are often one of the first areas to show irritation, and your usual eye creams might start to sting. This eye cream is ultra gentle for sensitive skin.

This is such a great moisturiser. The gel formula is intensely hydrating yet sinks in well.

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