Your Autumn Shopping Guide, According to a Fashion Expert

Shopping: one of our favourite past-times (okay, our absolute favourite). It's not without its obstacles, though, especially when a new season comes around and you're overwhelmed with exciting choices. The best winter coats have already been filtering into stores and flying back out again quicker than you can say bouclé, boots are now overruling sandals at every turn and we're beyond in the mood for getting our A/W 16 shopping list in check.

Which is why we thought it best to be methodical about such an important, momentous time in the fashion calendar—this is your definitive list of what you actually need. We're not saying that every item is required in order for your A-game to be at its strongest, but this does give you and idea of what's worth looking into. For example, if you're keen to snap up a new skirt, avoid delay and just opt for a mini—they're back with a bite.

So cut out the guide below to keep on hand…

Got it? Good. You can shop right now from our top choices to check off the list in no time at all.