These Are the Most-Requested Nail Colours in Salons Right Now

When the weather begins to cool, there are certain switches we start to make. We find ourselves drawn to knitwear, pulling on opaque tights, and generally donning a darker colour palette. This transition, however, isn't solely reserved for our wardrobes; in fact, one of the first things we change up in a new season is our nail colours

That's not to say you can't wear bright nail colours in chilly months, but there's something that just screams winter when you've got a moody or rich manicure. Not only do they look the part, but they feel incredibly luxurious, too. 

For inspiration, I asked some of the country's top salons to tell us which autumn/winter nail polish colours their clients are asking for most right now. See what they said below, and add these to your wish list.


Autumn Winter Nail Polish Colours: Oxblood is popular at Dryby



Style Notes: Synonymous with wearing chunky knitwear and laced-up hiking boots, another autumn/winter signifier is painting your nails a deep shade of oxblood. Chic salon DryBy confirms oxblood is currently its most-requested shade, likely because of its versatility and fashionable appeal. 

Autumn Winter Nail Polish Colours: Oxblood, as seen on Monikh



Monikh is loyal to oxblood nail hues. 

Call off the search—we've found the perfect, classic oxblood polish. 

If you prefer your oxblood on the lighter, redder side, this polish should be your go-to. 

This affordable polish glides on nails just as well as any premium formula. 


Autumn Winter Nail Polish Colours: Evergreen is popular at Colour Riot



Style Notes: It's natural to gravitate towards darker hues, but if black and navy feel too stark, deep shade of forest green look just as striking but have a softer tone. As such, this shade is proving increasingly popular with the cool clientele at Colour Riot

Betina Goldstein styles her green nails with negative space. 

The shimmer in this varnish is deliberately subtle to add depth, not sparkle. 

A slightly lighter blend, this dark seafoam shade will work with any and all colours of clothing. 

The shine on this gel polish is incredible. 


Autumn Winter Nail Polish Colours: Burnt orange at Naf! Nails



Style Notes: Take inspiration from the turning leaves to inform your next manicure. Naf! Salon always provides us with endless talon inspiration with its next-level nail art, but the colour most of the salon's clients are currently asking for is burnt orange—The Gel Bottle in African Sunset to be precise. 

Autumn Winter Nail Polish Colours: Burnt orange accents courtesy of Varnish Lane



Use burnt orange polish in nail art for a seasonal twist. 

The perfect at-home burnt orange varnish. 

We love the deep undertone of this terracotta polish. 


Autumn Winter Nail Polish Colours: Rich Brown at Townhouse



Style Notes: Of all the '90s beauty trends to make a stylish comeback, this has to be our favourite. Brown is one of the classiest nail colours out there, and OPI's cult You Don't Know Jacques seems to be the shade of choice at acclaimed salon, Townhouse

Autumn Winter Nail Polish Colours: Debora opts for a chocolate brown nail shade



Debora frequently opts for chocolate brown nail shades. 

OPI has created the most-coveted brown polish perhaps of all time. 

This polish has mauve undertones, which give it a softer finish. 

The name Dark Chocolate is apt. This shade is delicious. 

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