These 4 Trends Are Officially About to Be Very Big

With A/W 16 shows now done and dusted, we allowed's buying director, Natalie Kingham, all of, oh, about 24 hours to give us her top-line digest on what's going to be hot next season—and therefore, precisely what you need to know now.

We've pinpointed some of the styling trends you can get onboard with already, but if anyone knows what's going to be a retail smash in stores, it's her. From listing the Vetements floral dresses  that had waiting lists as long as the brand's hoodie sleeves to the fresh new labels you've not heard of but will instantly want to buy (check out these Sanayi 313 slippers), she is our trusted bellwether of the shopping world.

Scroll down to see what piqued Natalie's interest at Paris Fashion Week—then shop for the pieces that can reflect the new mood already!