The Most Important Autumn Purchases, According to Editors

September is the month for making new-season shopping lists, but with so many new drops landing every single day, working out what to actually put some cash down on and buy can become a little overwhelming. So to help you get ahead on the key purchases for autumn and assemble a considered, wonderful edit, we have taken a look inside a number of fashion editors' online shopping baskets to discover what they are buying—and therefore advising you purchase too—this season. 

When it comes to trends, these well-dressed ladies are buying into zebra print (did you see that coming?), ruffles, velvet blazers and statement checks. InStyle's Robin Kotze makes a strong case for investing in a silky robe coat, while Who What Wear UK's very own Hannah Almassi might just have found the most flattering sweater ever made (and, hallelujah, it's affordable).

As well as highlighting a number of showstopping pieces, these industry insiders also advise stocking up on some perennial classics. In the mix they have served up the perfect patent ankle boot and white shirt with an added twist—what's not to love?

Keep reading to see how you can shop like a fashion editor this autumn…