30 Perfect Autumn Wedding-Guest Dresses That Will Sell Out Before You Know It

I belong to a family of planners. Out comes a fresh Google Doc in October for our Christmas dinner. I wish I was joking. However, it has been handy, as I've been able to extend this type of conscientiousness to my wardrobe—especially for events. Right now, other than fashion week in September, I have a wedding in November that I need an outfit for. That's only a mere three months to decide what I'm going to wear.

But I won't be the only one with a wedding-guest outfit to decide upon⁠—September is one of the biggest months for weddings, and more couples are choosing the less-popular months in order to save money, so it's fair to assume that you'll have some dress decisions to make soon too. Also, bonus tip: If you buy your outfit now, chances are by the time the wedding comes around, no one else will be wearing the same.

As I do a lot of shopping for a living, I've worked out just what kind of wedding-guest dresses are ideal for autumn and which ones you need to buy now before they sell out. While early September is still warm, the potential for goosebumps increases as we get further into the cooler months. So there are balloon-sleeved frocks (perfect if you don't want to bring a jacket), as well as metallic dresses that will look incredible under a black blazer and will see you through to the festive period. But if you want to stick to autumn/winter 2019's biggest dress trend (dark florals!), I've selected plenty of those too. Plus, there's a mix of high street and luxury for every kind of budget.

Just because it's getting colder doesn't mean you can't choose a bright dress. 

Such an expensive-looking dress. 

Wear with a black headband and gold accessories. 

Vintage prints are still going strong, and this one from Whistles is a winner. 

Wear this into the festive season by pairing it with tights and ankle boots. 

You might even consider wearing this to work if you layered a black roll-neck underneath. 

If you've got a wedding coming up in early September, this one is ideal. 

If you want a more simple dress, try this silk one from COS. 

This one's in the sale, and there are still loads of sizes available. 

Okay, it's a strappy dress, but you can wear it with a blazer and it'll look incredible (plus, you'll be warm). 

Another great early September option when the weather is still a bit warmer. 

For when you know the weather might be much colder, you can't go wrong with a Vampire Wife's dress. 

We've seen this all over Instagram, and it's still a chic option. 

Simple, elegant and inexpensive. 

If you want to find a high street dress that looks expensive, opt for simple colours and a satin finish.

The contrasting colours is what makes this dress extra special. 

Pair this with purple heels for a chic monochrome look. 

Next up, the biggest autumn/winter 2019 trends you need to know.