5 Autumn TikTok Trends I'm Actually Going to Wear

From the runways to the virtual pavements of social media, team Who What Wear is here to decode every trend, no matter how big or how small. We look to all corners of the real world and the internet to hunt down the next big thing, and with the autumn season looming large, it felt like the right time to investigate the hotbed of newness that is TikTok. Here, trends take off almost out of nowhere, with little regard for what's available in stores, what designers are offering or what Joe Public (that's me) might be interested in wearing. It's a microcosm of alternative subcultures and unique style, the likes of which you might not so readily find on other visual platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram. It's where the strangest themes are born (goblincore or gorpcore, anyone?), yet they slowly but surely filter their way into the mainstream, so the #grwm posts and vintage hauls are not to be scoffed at, my friends. 

Many of the below autumnal TikTok trends have been bubbling up for some time, and I've started to realise that seasons almost don't exist on this platform. People wear what they want, when they want, documenting it as scrappily or strategically as they want. Does it even matter if it's 30° outside when you're filming your new cold-weather outfits from your bedroom?

It's not all Y2K, but there's definitely still a noticeable lean in this direction. The leather coats and printed flares pictured below certainly speak to a time when belly-baring tops and tinted Chanel sunglasses were de rigueur. But there are other more subtle vibes, too: Dark academia is a TikTok-born trend gathering momentum in the upper echelons of fashion, with Dior's autumn collection being full of the kind of prim, school-ish looks I'd like to copy this season. Keep scrolling for the autumnal TikTok trends I'd actually wear IRL…


autumn tiktok trends 2021: printed flares



Style Notes: Mesh fabrics and knits are particularly integral to this trend because it's all about a slim fit with a kick-flare hemline. Think of them as a comfy upgrade from loungewear.

Style Notes: Providing the noughties romcom vibes I'll never be mad at, a very vintage trend for faux fur–trimmed jackets, coats and cardigans is on TikTok right now. Wear it with something plain for an easy statement.


autumn tiktok trends 2021: dark academia



Style Notes: Imagine you're a student at Hogwarts with an austere uniform and a satchel full of leather-bound books, and you'll be on the right track for this intellectual look.


Style Notes: Before our post-lockdown wardrobes were even revealed, TikTokers had the monopoly on "revenge" outfits, many of which centered around mega-high platforms. They're the ultimate two fingers up to the hiking sandals and sneakers we've relied upon so much over the past 18 months, and I want to jump aboard the trend train.

autumn tiktok trends 2021: leather coats



Style Notes: This is a great trend to buy from charity shops and online vintage stores, as the look was so big in the '90s. How to wear your leather coat now? You can play up to that decade or combine one with something super minimal like monochrome tailoring. 

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