36 Epic Autumn Buys From & Other Stories, Topshop and COS

See ya, summer! It's been great, but I'm ready for knitwear, boots and new dresses, and it would appear every high-street brand agrees with me. Over the past month, we've seen an influx of items hitting our go-to stores, and there's an emphasis on anything autumnal. It jumpers are already starting to show up (& Other Stories is winning here with its green iterations), and knee-high boots are already selling out (looking at you, Zara).

There's also a wave of printed dresses that feel noticeably more wintry than their flimsy hot-weather cousins, and we've even started to consider wearing jackets on the rainiest or greyest of days. In addition to & Other Stories being reliably ahead of the curve for autumn/winter 2019 trends, there are two more places that we're particularly impressed by: COS and Topshop. Keep scrolling to see the best picks from each.

Jessica Skye wearing a green & Other Stories jumper with white jeans and sandals



Right now, & Other Stories is particularly good for the following: knitwear (as per Jessica Skye's excellent khaki-green sweater pictured here), shoes, boots, printed dresses and tailoring—all of which are strong points.

This is an online exclusive, so you won't find it in stores.

A now-classic item for & Other Stories. Yes, its popular wool blazers are back.

Okay, these are not cheap, but in the grand scheme of genuine leather pants, they're a reasonable price and a very good fit.

The kind of simple addition that makes you feel polished.

Clearly, puff shoulders are happening at Stories.

You'll never not get wear out of a great pair of tan boots.

Marissa Martins wearing a black top with white jeans and sandals



The items we're falling for at the moment in Topshop are the simplest and most minimal ones. Sure, the brand does a cracking printed midi (this we know), but if you're looking for something with a little more staying power, it's imperative you gravitate towards the least showy pieces. See Marissa's top, jeans and sandals (all from Toppers) as a perfect example.

This also comes in a really lovely khaki green sans the print.

Last year's vinyl trenches sold like crazy, but this is the best colourway yet.

Cargo pants and heels is one of my favourite combos.

Cute with a slinky skirt or wear for a night out with jeans.

Don't hate me for showing you coats. They are dropping in stores, and they will sell out.

For workdays, brunch days and on-and-off rainy days.

Great over everything you already own.

The kind of '90s-style bag we've been trying to find in vintage stores.

Okay, this kind of goes against my "keep it simple" rule, but it's just so nice.

Felicia Akerstrom wearing a ribbed tank from COS with beige trousers



The past few months have seen us fall in love with COS all over again. We can't pin it to just one item or trend: They've been excelling in many areas, including footwear, supersized dresses and cool, slightly unusual separates, like Felicia's tank here, which is almost sold out now…

Wear with dolly-ish flats for the full effect.

This shade of blue makes for a surprisingly versatile handbag purchase—trust me.

Very reliable for the office over the colder months to come.

I've been searching for the perfect dainty chain, and here it is.

Pretty colour, pretty shape and pretty fabric.

Not to everyone's taste, but I think they're very cool indeed.

One of those accessories that will instantly make a lot of outfits look more sophisticated.

They're back in stock, and we still love them.

The back detail on this is so chic.

Next up, the boot trends we're into this year.

Opening Image: @eniswardrobe

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