10 Manicure Trends That Will Be Everywhere in Autumn, According to Nail Experts

It may seem a bit premature, but we're already starting to gear up our wardrobes for autumn 2019. After a few crazy heatwaves here in the UK, we're more than ready for those breezy, cooler temps. But with a new season comes a slew of new trends to take note of and make your own, both in fashion and in beauty. We've already talked about some of the autumn trends that you're going to see everywhere this year and honed in on the lipstick colours every fashion girl will be wearing in the next few months. Today, we're adding to the list by spotlighting 10 autumn nail art trends that are destined to be the most requested at every salon next season.

Sure, we can get some good insight by scrolling through Instagram or checking out the manicures that debuted on the runways, but nothing beats an expert opinion, which is why we tapped two pros, asking them to call out the nail art trends they think will dominate the beauty world in fall 2019. Using their trend expertise, plus their insight on the designs they've seen all over the streets of LA (which is the home base of one pro) and of New York City (the location of another), below, 10 nail designs that will make your next manicure anything but boring.

Chi Phan, Manicurist at Nine Zero One Salon

Calling out: Modern French manicure, negative space, chrome, ombré and plaid.

Modern French Manicure

French manicures will always be on-trend, but this season, Phan is seeing her clients request more modern takes on it.

Negative Space

The negative space nail trend is one that allows for lots of creative freedom in terms of design and color. Fashion girls in LA are gravitating toward this extra-artsy take.


Considering the metallics trend is still reigning supreme, it should come as no surprise the shiny metal is making an appearance in the nail world, too.


Ombré hair, ombré clothing and next up, ombré nails. It girls around the world have been requesting autumnal-hued takes on the gradient, just like the one featured below.


Plaid is probably the most fitting nail art trend for autumn 2019, and its rise can be attributed to the ever-popular '90s resurgence. Cher Horowitz would, no doubt, wear this mani this season.

Mei Kawajiri, Celeb Nail Artist

Calling out: 3D nails, big flower painting, sheer pink with neon point art, matte nude long nails and sporty creative French nails.

3D Nails

3D nails were all over the Met Gala red carpet, and now, people are working the trend into their day-to-day, as well. It's probably the boldest (but most fun) trend Kawajiri has had her clients request.

Big Flower Painting

Florals for spring and summer are a classic, but they're infiltrating the nail world this autumn, too. Bold petals are what Kawajiri is calling out for the season ahead, perhaps as a way of paying homage to the sunnier weather.

Sheer Pink with Neon Point Art 

Name a more iconic duo than sheer nails and neon point art? There isn't one. It's like logomania, but for your fingers, and that's why you're likely to see a lot more of this trend pop up.

Matte Nude Long Nails 

This is a Kardashian favourite, and it's perfect for autumn because it's so versatile and quite easy to pull off. For low-commitment nails that look chic without being over-the-top, consider going with a matte polish.

Sporty Creative French Nails 

Just like Phan, Kawajiri is calling out a cooler take on a classic French manicure. This one feels very 2000s, which just so happens to be a decade that's still very prevalent in today's fashion scene.

Next up: the 10 summer nail colours that celebrities are requesting most this season (because it is still summer, after all).

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